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(Solved) - Microsoft Word 2010 page numbering

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  • Started 3 years ago by pierreangiel
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Posted yesterday 
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I am helping m,y wife with writing a book. When we reach page 15 the next page goes to page 14 instead of 16. If I change that to 16 then page 14 changes to 16 too. I cannot get the page numbering to continue correctly after page 15. I have chosen "Same as Previous" for every page in the document. I have tried it without "Same as Previous" and it is still screwed up. I can't hand type new pages since it automatically changes previous pages when I do it. I have Section Breaks (Next Page) at the end of each chapter. I have changed those to simple Page Breaks and it doesn't help. I tried using Page Number and Format Page Number and chosing the default "Continue From Previous Section" and that doesn't help.

The page, by the way, is a template which shows two pages of a book. like right page and its back then going down the next two are left and its back then down again to right and its back, etc.


Posted 3 years ago
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Hi Pierre
Try re-doing the page numbering - delete all your page numbers on every page and then re-insert the page number on your first page from the Insert ribbbon/Page Numbers. Just to be sure, insert the new number in a different position e.g. if you had the page number on the left re-insert the new page number on the right. It should automatically number every page correctly.

Let us know if this works.

Posted 3 years ago
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Hi everyone, I have solved this issue. No, redoing the numbers isn't the answer. The answer is.....judicious use of "Continue From Previous Section" and using Page Breaks and Section Breaks properly. I got the riddle solved but it took more than days. Each chapter is a Section Break next page. But the Continue From Previous Section allows you to end the header where youi don't want it or start it where you want to start it. The same is true of numbering. A page break can allow one sections numbers to continue even thouigh you may not want that to happen. Learn what each Break does is the answer and the use of Continue From Previous Section. It isn't easy!!!

Accepted Answer · Posted 3 years ago
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pierreangiel, thank you for posting your resolve. It will certainly help others regarding this.

Posted 3 years ago

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