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(Solved) - Macrium - help please.

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  • Started 3 years ago by Wasroberto1
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Posted yesterday 
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As a very non-geek, I have for some time used Acronis for routine back ups but thought I should perhaps try Macrium. (I don't know that it's better but it is much liked here on HTG)
Unfortunately, I can't get past the page which wants me to fill in the name of the destination folder. Whatever folder name I try I get either "path syntax invalid" or "Please select a different folder" -for whatever reason. Can someone offer a simple explanation of what is wanted?

( I'm using WinXP and trying to back up to an external disc)

Posted 3 years ago
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Did you create the recovery first?

What is your backup drive? and is it connected or are you backing up to a partition?

When you say backing up to external disk, not a DVD for instance

Posted 3 years ago
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On the end of the Destination Folder input box you should see a little square box with three dots in on that and browse to the folder you wish to put your images in. Click Make New Folder in External Drive's open window if you want to. Obviously your drive must be connected to do this.


Posted 3 years ago
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I should have said that I did get it to work once but now, using the same folder name with a minor change, it gets rejected.
I'm using an external drive (connected) and I have tried clicking the little square box followed by "Make New Folder" but it won't accept that.

CORRECTION Now I've just tried again and It has worked. I always assume in cases like this that I have done something stupid, so I guess this is what happened this time. Sorry to have wasted your time !


Posted 3 years ago

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