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i book - hardware and software question

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Hey. Got a Mac problem and I am new with working on Macs so even simple answers may help. Got an i-book. having a DVD drive problem; whenever i put in a DVD/cd it tries to read it then spits it out. I am suppose to be reformatting the new HDD I put in it for someone. The old HDD had problems and I put it into an enclosure. putting it back in is not an option. i need to format this new drive and the DVD drive just will not cooperate. How can i boot from an external drive (USB DVD) ? Is that possible with MACs? I have the OS X (newest one) installer and the few MACs I have reformatted I just pressed 'C' at start up to boot from drive and the rest was easy. What are my options. Also, I know very little about MACs and would love a list of key commands and stuff like that. If booting from the internal drive is the only option I can switch the internal out for a differnet one IF it is compatiable with any PC drives (I have at least 50 of those laying around) As it is a project to dissassemble I would like to know if it is possible first. [and pardon these spelling errors, Im trying to take my kid to the zoo today before it closes and Im typing crappy]

On a PC at startup, you have the F key options, like most are F8 safe mode, Intel is F2 BIOS F10 boot menu; HP F10 BIOS F9 boot etc....what are the MAC ones? ...and when I replaced the HDD, here is a link to the guide I used. Useful but tedious!

help. thanks. check back in about two hours

Posted 3 years ago
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Ok I think I figured out my own problem (sigh). The answer sucks so if anyone can confirm it...
The MAC Im working on has an older DVD drive, so it is not capable of reading the OS X.5 leopard installer, which is on a dual layer DVD; I can only reinstall a smaller OS that fits on a single layer DVD or a CD. Sound plausable?

Posted 3 years ago

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