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(Solved) - Help: Win7 error: Exception EAccessViolation in module WINASPI32.DLL at 0000A298

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  • Started 6 years ago by Tadmen
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Posted yesterday 
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I have just installed new win7 drivers from Brother for my 2070n (network printer) and after reboot started getting this message right after login:
Exception EAccessViolation in module WINASPI32.DLL at 0000A298. Access violation at address 1000A298 in module ‘WINASPI32.DLL’. Write of address 00000010
I actually had a driver for that printer that windows 7 installed, but it wasn't working properly and after visiting Brother webpage there was a new driver for it. So now I have an original Win7 Brother printer installed (USB Virtual port), Brother printer installed using Brother driver (same name with Copy1 in parenthesis), and Brother printer installed as a network printer (same name with Copy 2 in parenthesis). They work (I haven't checked the original Win 7 action, but the network Brother 2070n works fine from my main computer and across the workgroup network at home.
But after rebooting I started getting this strange message and am very annoyed. My xp worked fine and I thought win7 will be better :) It's win7 32 bit.
Thanks for your help

Posted 6 years ago
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As it turns out it was SkypePM that was causing the problem. I checked task manager and looked into the processes and after renaming the Spype plugin mng folder to solethingold the issue is resolved. Skype seems to work fine anyway.
I still don't know why it would somehow get messed up when I did not touch any settings in Skype.

Posted 6 years ago
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Tad. Welcome to HTG. Thanks for letting us know.

Posted 6 years ago

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