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(Solved) - Excel ROUNDUP to controlled number

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  • Started 3 years ago by les
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Posted yesterday 
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Here is what I am trying to do.
Windows XP Microsoft Office Excel 2010
I have an entry cell B6 and a data cell C6. In cell A7 I have the formula =ROUNDUP(B6/C6,0)
What I want to do is if the value in cell B6 is less than 200 it will roundup the value in A7, but if the value in B6 is greater than 200 it will not round up. Is this possible?

Second question.
About 4 months ago I posted a question on how to change the font color in Excel 2003 when a certain condition was met in an entry cell. Moreeg sent me a response that worked great. Conditional Formatting. Since then I have upgraded to Excel 2010 and now it does not work right. I have to exit out of the page to make it work. If I exit and go back to the page it will have changed but as long as I am on the page it does not change.

If you get this Moreeg Hello from Colorado USA. Hope all is well with you.

Posted 3 years ago
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Hey Les
Nice to see you back.

1. Try this formula


2. Conditional formatting was vastly changed and improved in 2007/2010 so I think the only option is to rebuild the conditional formats.

Click on A7
Click on conditional format and Clear rules to get rid of the 2003 stuff
Click conditional format again and New Rule
In the screen that appears select "Use a formula to determine...."
and then its the same as before ... enter =A7<>"" in the "Format values where this is true" box and then click on format to get your font colour. "ok" your way out and you should be good to go

Accepted Answer · Posted 3 years ago
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Thanks Moreeg, they worked great as usual.
I like your little dancing icon.


Posted 3 years ago
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You're welcome Les. Always happy to help.

As to the dancing men you'd have to be a real film nut to recognise the dancing men as Laurel and Hardy. I still remember watching Babes in Toyland when I was a child and being enthralled at the idea of toys coming to "life". Perhaps foreseeing the possibility of robotics ? .... and my interest in technology???

Posted 3 years ago

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