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Desktop folder windows constantly forget their place (Windows7)

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  • Started 6 years ago by LBlanca
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Posted yesterday 
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I hope someone here can help me. I recently got Windows7 and, unlike both XP and Vista, I can't seem to get the windows for my desktop folders to stay where I put them. Habitually, I have three to five folders on my desktop for various files, and arranged so that none overlap and they make the most efficient use of screen space. I do the same for the recycle bin and the '(my) computer' window, so I can see everything at once. I'll have one window, for instance, on the top right, one on the top left, bottom right, centre, et cetera. I'm trying to include a few pictures to show you what I mean - if it works, #1 is the desktop arrangement for icons (I've named the various folders as A, B, et cetera to illustrate), and #2 is what I want to happen - an efficient use of space.



The idea is that when one folder is open, it covers the spot where its icon sits, but not the others, so if I have an open corner and I need another spot to put some files for a moment, I can click on the icon visible through the 'gap' and it will neatly fill the hole I've left for it.

Every time I resized and placed the windows the way I wanted in XP and Vista, they stayed there, remembering their proportions. Every few weeks they might 'forget' and open in another spot (usually when they hadn't been used in a while, always when I renamed them), but otherwise I could close them, turn off the computer, restart, and they'd still be in those positions. It was very, very useful.

But Windows7 doesn't do it. Whenever I close more than one folder, whichever folder was the last to close is the only one whose place is remembered, so when I go to open them, I get something like this:


or this

I've scoured the help menu, searched through every help forum I can find, gone to the local computer shops and rung enough Microsoft support staff to make my ear ache, and I've gotten nowhere. I'm not a computer expert - I could never, for instance, trust myself to mess with code programming - but I know enough about the windos systems to be reasonably sure that if there is a simple checkbox somewhere in control panel, I would have found it by now. I might be wrong, but whwile XP had something like "remember each folder's view options" in folder options (I think), there is no similar thing I can find here. It's also certainly not just my computer, as I've tried it on other Win7 computers in the shop, and they act the same.

I haven't seen anything on your site that might help either, but you guys seem to have the expertise to work it out, and I've seen download patches offered in several articles, which I'm assuming you guys put together? In any case, any help would be dearly appreciated. I'm having nightmares trying to work like this, and I find it ridiculous that such a simple, USEFUL feature would be removed.

If anyone can help me, thank you VERY much.

Posted 6 years ago
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I am thinking your problem is because they are the same types of folders and windows explorer treats them as the one.
So the next time you open one of the folders explorer only remembers the last opened location.

Its mostly a guess but you could try the launch as seperate process option.
click the organize tab then folder and search options then the view tab and near the bottom of advanced settings
try checking tthis box ,,if it doesn't do the trick ,noharm done just uncheck it..

Like I said its just a stab in the dark but worth a try

Posted 6 years ago
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For those of us here who have smaller screens ,if possible in the future
could you resize the screenshots.
I see you use photobucket .For use on forums its easiest to use photobuckets preset
sizes the best would be 640 by 480

Posted 6 years ago
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Sorry about the screenshots! I'll see if I can fix that, and be much more careful next time.

Unfortunately, I tried what you said and it doesn't seem to have made any difference. Thanks anyway; as you said, it was worth a try. I'd like to keep trying if anyone has any more ideas?

Posted 6 years ago

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