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Customizing Command Bar, Menu Bar, etc.

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  • Started 6 years ago by Cuffy
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Posted yesterday 
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In WinXP, and even OE, you can customize the Command Bar, Menu, whatever, by adding Copy To/Move To to the list of commands.
I've loaded Win 7 but can't seem to find a way to customize the commands to include Copy To or Move To and find it hard to believe that it can't be done. I'm a cripple without those commands............ help!


Posted 6 years ago
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Hello Cuffy and welcome to HTG, your solution might be here

Best wishes,

Posted 6 years ago
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Thanks Shkumbin, but that's Apples and I'm looking for Oranges! In Windows Explorer and Outlook Express.............
If you Rt.Clk in a blank spot in the Command Bar, Toolbar, Menu bar, whatever it's called, you get the option to Customize the Toolbar by adding or removing commands. Cut, copy, paste, Delete, mail, Favorites, etc. can be added or removed. Copy To and Move To are also available and their addition is one of my first actions when working with XP or OE.
Your link above refers to the Context menu and so far that's all I've found as a solution to my problem. Google goes on forever about Copy To/Move To but everything points to the Context menu. Methinks the Customization feature for Toolbars has been eliminated from Win 7 and has taken all those handy commands with it!

Thanks for the Welcome and the shot at a solution.
In my experience, very few people used the Customization feature so maybe MS dropped it. Sad case if they did!

Regards and thanks again.


Posted 6 years ago

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