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(Solved) - Considering watercooling/radiator?

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  • Started 3 years ago by Zanghetsu
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Posted yesterday 
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I am strongly considering getting a water-cooling setup for my desktop. I have several questions regarding it, however.
1. Is there any significant boost in my overall performance of the desktop.
2. Is it worth the money?
3. What are some negatives to water-cooling?
4. Other than the setup itself, is water-cooling particularly costly?

P.S. I am not with held by any certain budget but would prefer to keep the cost within no more than $160 if possible.

Posted 3 years ago
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Answers to questions:
1. Water cooling will keep your computer's temperature lower so you can then overclock your components giving yourself a boost in performance.
2. In my opinion, its worth doing if you are planning on doing massive overclocking.
3. Negatives: price is kinda high, make sure no leaks.
4. I have been pricing custom water cooling setups and the lowest that I have been able to price is around $200. Once you get your system setup the first time, any upgrades will be easier because you already have a majority of the components you need.

Check out this guide. It has some information about water cooling.

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