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Bootable USb flash/ USB HDD

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  • Started 5 years ago by 202d
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Posted yesterday 
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Im going to try this:
just to see how it works, and for fun I am going to try a bootable USB flash drive, mostly cause I have not done it as of yet[bootable USB drive]. So I was reading the page you guys had a link to :

for UNetbooting....So I have two questions. Am I formatting this USB drive in Linux? Does that even matter?


I have recently acquired my MAC hardware certification; with the MAC OS X, they want you to constantly make and use a USB HDD for diagnostics. My problem is, of course, that I love the PC, and I do not always have a computer with a working MAC OS on it. So, to create these bootable HDDs with the apple service diagnostic on them[from .dmg format], can I use this program?

Sorry I suppose that was three questions....The machine I am working on has Win7 Ul 64; though I have access to any OS meaning XP VisTa or 7, 32 or 64 bit, so if one is better or if there is a better program to use for this that is NOT the MAC OS X I would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks.

...and I just re read the Unet page; syslinux...yeah that means its in Linux so I figured that one (silly me)

Posted 5 years ago

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