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bogus internet phone charges

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  • Started 7 years ago by tjzchouse
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My last AT&T cell phone bill was $711. After picking myself up off the floor, I called to get an explanation of the charges. They said $589 was related to internet usage on one of our four lines. My son has had this line for several years, with no prior internet charges, and none since. Plus, he assured me he didn't use his phone for internet purposes--he has his own laptop. I'm disputing the charge (that's way too much money to let it go). AT&T insists that there's no way the account could have been "hacked" to allow someone else's usage to be billed to our number, and that this is all controlled by the SIM card that's in the phone. Opinions?

Posted 7 years ago
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At&T is strapped for cash right now and is using every excuse possible to build cash flow.
1. Formally Dispute the Bill in Writing to AT&T.
2. Call and make Formal Written Complaints to your State Consumer Protection Agencies.
3. Call and make Formal Written Complaints to the Federal Protection Agencies. (Commerce, Consumer, Trade Commission and Others)
4. Obtain another Backup ISP, long distance carrier, wireless carrier (NOW) before AT&T harms your credit.
5. Get an Attorney on Retainer. Let them bring up (Identity Theft Issue with FBI and Home Land Security);
(Representing Yourself is Foolish).
6. Call and write your State and Federal Elected Officials. (many are up for re-election)
7. Keep copies and formal diaries of everything you do concerning the issue.
The Telecoms are in the (SAME) mess as the Banks are in.
PROTECT Yourself using all means possible.
$600 today can become $6000 tomorrow on their whim.
Kindest Regards,
Rick P. ♥ :)

Posted 7 years ago
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And post to

Posted 7 years ago
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YES, forgot about all the net Consumer items.
GOOD Catch !!!!
For info, AT&T (Dual) billed customers last month for month behind and month ahead.
Did it with a policy change statement.
No choice given to anyone.
"Our Way or Good bye" with reference sent to credit agencies if not "Our Way" !!!!
Kindest Regards,
Rick P. ♥ :)

Posted 7 years ago

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