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Apple alternative... not bannana!

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  • Started 5 years ago by bobro
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Posted yesterday 
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have been given by my work an Apple 3GS, Yeay... :) (theres an amount of sarcasim in there, i am greatful, but its not as good is i expected)

now i was used to my HTC Hero with the ability to browse around and organise files like you do on a PC also attaching it to a PC it was seen like a Flash drive so again it was easy to move, copy rename files etc...

now with iPhone, none of that :( instead people keep telling me its only iTunes from now on... (boo! i hear you cry)

a long time ago i bought an iPod (awesome bit of kit) i got rid of iTunes and used Anapod (now called Anapop). if you have an ipod this is a must have software, it lets you browse your iPod and move music to and fro within an 'explorer' style enviroment.

unfortunatly this software doesnt work on iPhones :( booo! is there anything like this out there i can download? (not just for music but for pics and files as well?)

i dont mind paying (as long as its not too much)


Posted 5 years ago
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Hi Bobro. I use MGTEK "dopisp", it allows you to sync music, pictures and video through Windows Media Player.. Seem to work quite well.

Posted 5 years ago
Posts: 384

I will have a look i do like Windows Media Player, but im just not a fan of all this syncing buisness... I just wish i could manage the iPhone as if it was a flash drive...

also ProstheticHead, haveyou had a look at Anapop explorer?... awesome for iPods

Posted 5 years ago

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