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Google Instant was released last week, adding instant search results to the page before you even finish typing. Here’s how to enable Google Instant search directly in the Google Chrome browser—though it’s still very rough.

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Have you noticed the annoying extra parameters that get added to URLs from many web sites using Feedburner feeds? It’s especially irritating when you want to share a web page or link to it from a blog post.

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Who says Vista doesn’t look as good as Windows 7?

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If you’ve spent time on Facebook, you’ve probably seen one of your friends fall victim to a scam or three. The worst of these scams use security holes to automatically force people to Like a page—and one blogger...

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If you’re doing work at the command line on your Windows box, it’s sometimes useful to copy the output of a command to the clipboard, but who wants to try and scroll and click to use copy and paste? Here’s how to do it the easy way.

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You’re no doubt reading this article because you’re wondering what that SearchIndexer.exe process is all about, and why it’s chewing up a lot of RAM or CPU. Here’s the explanation you’re looking for, and how to deal with it.

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A new exploit discovered in the iPhone hardware, or more specifically, the A4 processor, makes the iPhone, iPod touch 4G and the iPad jailbreakable for life. The exploit is found in the A4 hardware, so Apple can’t patch...

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The great VLC media player is being released for the iPad, hopefully next week, and on Sunday they will be giving out a pre-release version to a few of their Twitter followers.

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If you are looking to upgrade the memory in your Linux PC, you are probably wondering how many open slots you have, what type of memory is already installed, and what you need to buy for an upgrade… without having to open your computer.

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Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I mailed anybody a letter, but I’m sure somebody, somewhere is still using snail mail. If you are, here’s how to create an envelope with a Google Maps view of a speci...

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Over at ZDNet, Windows expert Ed Bott has written up a guide to installing iTunes without all the extra bloat that comes with it. If you’re an iTunes user, it’s a very interesting read, even if you don’t fee...

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The Quick Tabs extension for Google Chrome lets you hit a single hotkey to pop up a list of all your tabs, and you can use the keyboard to quickly narrow down to the tab you’re looking for. If you frequently use loads o...

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You don’t need to build your next web site with Ruby on Rails, .NET, PHP, or any of those fancy web frameworks—instead, you can just pull out your command prompt and write yourself a batch file.

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Are you a blogger? Want to get more out of your WordPress install? Our own writer Matthew is giving away two copies of this ebook at his personal blog.

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Windows Live Writer has a great feature that detects the style of your blog and allows you to write posts in a way that looks similar to your site, but sometimes it goes wrong, and there’s no easy way to fix it.

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Have you ever wondered why everybody uses #2 pencils? Here’s a humorous look at the subject.

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A while back, we showed a fun Easter egg in Windows 7 that shows the old XP-Style Alt-Tab switcher if you use a certain combination of keys, and today we’re going to show you how to switch to the old style permanently—not that we’d actually recommend it.

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The latest beta release of the Firefox web browser is out, and it’s finally got native hardware acceleration that’s blazing fast.

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Unless you’ve avoided all forms of media, you’ve seen the Old Spice guy, shirtless and riding a horse backwards on TV commercials—or more recently, all over YouTube with hilarious responses to real people. And h...

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Is your Internet Explorer context menu completely out of control? Is it so long that it actually runs off the screen? Here’s how to quickly take a few steps to get rid of all that ridiculous clutter without installing Google Chrome instead.

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Have you ever needed to perform the same mindless task over and over on your PC? Instead of wasting hours clicking buttons and hitting keys, this is the perfect time to use your AutoHotkey skills to make your PC do the work for you.

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This game is really simple, but it’s surprisingly addictive. You have to see how many of the lines you can blast—and if you aim right, you can take out more than one at once.

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Today’s Google logo is loads of fun—you can chase it with your mouse and all the circles go flying around the screen.

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