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Born and brainwashed an Ohio State Buckeye, Matt now lives a warm, snow-free life just north of the Texas/Mexico border. He fancies himself a modern-day jack-of-all-trades; favorite conversation starters include operating systems, Android, BBQ, quantum physics, and roller skating.

Much ado has been made in recent years about being able to deposit checks to your bank accounts using your phone’s camera. It works well and is super convenient, so if your bank’s app offers this feature you may want to try it out.

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If you use Amazon wish lists, then you might have noticed they can become a little long and unwieldy as you add more and more stuff you want. Here is how to better manage them.

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YouTube is the great time-waster. It’s no secret that we all spend a great deal of time on it watching video after video. What you may not realize is that all those videos are kept in your history, which you can clear or pause.

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Apple’s new Live Photos feature on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is really cool, but if you don’t want to share them as full Live Photos or just want them as stills, you can easily convert them in just a few steps.

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If you purchased a new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, then you may be loving the new Live Photos feature. If you aren’t, then maybe you just haven’t become well acquainted with it. Here’s what Live Photos are, and how to take them.

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Windows users have the ability to hide the Taskbar, but the menu bar in OS X is a constant presence. This isn’t necessarily bad because the menu bar doesn’t really take up that much room. If you want to hide it, however, you now can.

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The new iPhone 6S is out and with it all the hub-bub that usually accompanies a new iPhone release, but there is one standout feature that we want to talk about today that is well worth the hype: 3D Touch.

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Wi-Fi Assist is a new feature on iOS 9, which is garnering a lot of attention. We want to discuss Wi-Fi Assist today, explain what is does and, most importantly, disable it if necessary.

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If you have an iPhone but use a Windows computer, then you gain a great deal more compatibility if you use iCloud. Thankfully, there exists an iCloud client for Windows, so you can sync your photos and manage your iCloud storage from your PC.

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Mac keyboards are fairly renowned for their simple but elegant functionality. Not only are they highly customizable, but OS X contains an option that let you use the function (fn) key to access the actual function keys (F1, F2, etc.).

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If you currently have a subscription to Office 365, you’ll be pleased to know you can upgrade to Office 2016 right now in just a matter of a few minutes. Today we’ll quickly show you how to do that on a Windows PC and Apple Mac.

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As the world’s largest retailer, Amazon has a lot of options to wade through and this expands to managing your account. One effective thing you can do with your account is improve your shopping experience with better recommendations.

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If you use Safari on your iPad or iPhone, you can store website passwords and then manage them using the Passwords settings. The passwords manager on iOS is easy to use, and one of the best we’ve found on mobile devices.

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Facebook. People either love it, begrudgingly accept it, hate it, or they have better things to do, but sometimes a bad relationship is just that, and you need to break up. Here’s how to do it gently, or just get it over with.

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You might have heard Apple mention Metal in recent keynote addresses, so we thought we might take a moment to explain what Metal is, and what it will do for graphics rendering on Apple computers.

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OS X’s Quicktime Player isn’t VLC, which is important to remember, but it’s capable and does a lot of cool things you might not have known about. Here are 8 things Quicktime Player can do beyond play movies and videos.

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There’s a neat tool buried deep in your Mac’s Utilities folder that you may have never heard of, but it will allow you to find the color value (RGB, hexadecimal, or percentage) of anything on your screen.

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If you order a lot of stuff off of Amazon, you probably have an extensive order history. Today, we want to discuss how you can manage past orders and even archive them so they’re no longer visible in the list.

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OS X has a bunch of very useful utilities packed away within it. The Utilities folder has a more versatile screenshot tool called Grab, which outdoes the default OS X screenshot functions that you might already use daily.

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You might have noticed that your Amazon account has so many options that it’s somewhat difficult to know what does what, which is why we want to explain today how to manage your Kindles and their content.

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Photos is Apples universal answer to photo sharing across all its devices. Whether you’re using an iPhone or iPad, or you have your trusty Mac, if you have your photos stored on one device they should be available on the rest.

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If you use a Mac almost exclusively, but you’re still an Android holdout, you can manage your device’s storage using a handy, free app called Android File Transfer.

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If you join the Apple Beta Software Program, you’ll be able to test the latest versions of OS X and iOS before everyone else, and you can use the Feedback Assistant if you run into any bugs, or want to make suggestions.

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If you use a Mac, it will sleep after a certain duration, which you can change in the Energy Saver settings. You may not always want your Mac to sleep under certain circumstances, which is why you should use Caffeine to prevent that from happening.

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We know how hard it is to remember passwords and other sensitive information. The temptation to write it down is great, but that is never recommended. Luckily, if you use OS X, you can create secure notes, and you only need to remember one password.

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