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Born and brainwashed an Ohio State Buckeye, Matt now lives a warm, snow-free life just north of the Texas/Mexico border. He fancies himself a modern-day jack-of-all-trades; favorite conversation starters include operating systems, Android, BBQ, quantum physics, and roller skating.

If you’ve had a Facebook account for years, you might have sent out quite a few friend requests when you first opened your account. Not all of those requests were likely answered. That’s all right, because you can go through your pending requests and delete them.

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Today, we’re covering the “boring” Outlook stuff. Maintenance and security, as in, maintaining and securing your Outlook 2013 data file – full of all your important data – by backing up and archiving it.

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Android users have been a spoiled bunch when it comes to device notifications. iPhone and iPad users had to wait until 2011 to see a notification center appear on their devices. It works pretty well though it handles things much differently than its Google counterpart.

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Notes are simple and very handy. They are basically desktop Post Its, which you can collect and save in your Outlook and display on your desktop as reminders to do stuff.

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Notifications, be they texts, alarms, or social apps, aren’t anything new; they’re an accepted part of our mobile experience. Most can probably agree though, there’s a fine line between informative and annoying, which Facebook seems to have no problem completely ignoring.

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If you’re one of those people who has a whiteboard or notepad with an ever-evolving to-do list, or your desk and monitors are adorned with Post-its® reminding you of important events, then this the article for you.

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We love Bluetooth and all its possibilities. Once the domain of dorky headsets, Bluetooth is now in mice, keyboards, phones, computers, tablets, fitness trackers, and so much more. One of the best applications we’ve seen, however, is Bluetooth audio.

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Unless you’re living a life free of responsibilities, the sun probably rises and settles on your daily calendar. If you don’t know what’s going on a daily basis, you can quickly find yourself lost in a maze of missed appointments and surprise meetings.

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If you tell us email has fallen out of fashion, we’d ask you to have a look at our inboxes. Being able to sort through and organize the mess of messages that arrive daily is fairly key to maintaining workplace sanity.

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Fingerprint scanners have been an option on some laptop models for about as long as the concept has existed, but they’ve always usually been kind of quirky and forgettable. Then along comes Apple, who not only perfects it, but makes it a must-have feature.

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Screenshots are a great way to prove a point, build a case, or just send someone something interesting on your screen. If you don’t know how to take screenshots, then you’re really missing out.

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Perhaps one of the most annoying things about Facebook (there are many) are game requests. Yes, they still exist, and they still continue to annoy users in droves.

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Today, more kids are using computers, phones, tablets, and pretty much anything else with a screen. It feels like the natural order of things anymore, which is why having some kind of way to control their activity is more important than ever.

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Apple continues to produce mobile devices with incredible screen resolution and clarity. Retina display or not, however, even if on-screen text is sharp enough to rival print, it makes little difference if you can’t read it.

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There comes a time, job-hunting, or sharing photos with older family members, where you may need to send stuff the old fashioned way – as an email attachment. If you email at work, it may be a part of your email repertoire.

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Outlook is fairly synonymous with email. Therefore, beyond all its other features, you want to make sure you know how to use it with e-mail as effectively as possible.

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The Chromecast is arguably How-to Geek’s streaming stick of choice. It literally allows any device with the Chromecast app installed, to be a remote control.

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Let’s face it, no matter how good the screens are on our phones and tablets, the text is just too darn tiny if you have weak eyesight.

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Special folders work well because they centralize where particular types of files are saved. Add in cloud storage, and suddenly you have automatic and effortless backups of your most important personal files.

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Tactile and audio feedback on your phone is important (if not invaluable) except when it isn’t. If you don’t want your Android keyboard to vibrate or beep whenever you type on it, you need to read this.

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Google’s Chromecast is great. It does so much in a tiny package, for a nearly insignificant cost. Yet, despite its obvious versatility, many new Chromecast users may not realize there are some essential options they should know about in the Chromecast app.

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Outlook isn’t much use if you don’t have contacts. Sure, you can enter email addresses as you go, but that’s time-consuming and error-prone. It’s better to have your contacts already in Outlook, so you can dash off a quick message in just a few clicks.

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Many of us crave organization and productivity. If you already use Microsoft Office, then you already have the ultimate tool to sate that craving: Outlook 2013.

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OS X lacks little in aesthetic appeal, but sometimes you just want to change it up. Luckily, a free, open source application will let you tweak the Dock’s appearance to your heart’s content.

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It seems like some days, our devices rule our lives and the distractions never end. Fortunately, you can manage interruptions with Android Lollipop so you don’t have to turn off your phone or tablet for it to leave you alone.

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