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While we like our Sonos player for its excellent functionality and usability across an abundance of devices, it unfortunately is missing an official Apple Watch app, which would really round things out.

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Vibrations are a great way to alert you when someone is calling or texting without notifying everyone else around you. The only problem: you may not know who is contacting you unless you pull your iPhone out of your pocket.

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You Apple ID password is a particularly important one, so it’s vital that you not only keep it very secret, but also change it from time to time–or at least as often as needed.

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OS X El Capitan comes with quite a few apps preinstalled, many of which are very useful…and some of which aren’t. Deleting these apps is simple: just drag them to the trash. Reinstalling them however, isn’t quite so cut and dried.

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If you use an Apple product like a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, then you may have noticed the “Game Center” app…but probably never opened it. Today we want to talk about what the Game Center is, and whether you’re missing anything.

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The number of people who use a digital camera for their snapshots is steadily declining, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a market. If you have a camera that doesn’t automatically geo-tag your photos, you can do so manually with Apple’s Photos app.

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The iPhone has been around for a long time, yet there’s still no easy way to add your custom ringtones to it. The process is convoluted and required (gulp) using iTunes. But if you’re determined, it is possible.

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Group texts are great because they allow you to collaborate and communicate with several people at once while on-the-go, which is useful if you don’t have mobile Internet access and can’t use a dedicated chat client like Slack or Hangouts.

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You might have heard that there is a somewhat unknown Facebook inbox where potentially scads of filtered messages go to die. It turns out, there are actually two. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting all your messages.

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Setting up your Sonos player is really easy, but what if you want to give your previously used devices to another family member or a friend? In order to register a Sonos device to a new e-mail address, you will have to factory reset it.

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If you own an iPhone or iPad, then you’ve probably noticed a 3D effect on some wallpapers, where it seems like your home screen icons are hovering over the top. You can actually do this with almost any image without special software.

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If you use a Windows or Linux PC as your primary computer, but have an iPad or iPhone as one of your devices, you can’t simply transfer photos over to it by plugging it in. Instead, it is best to use iCloud to accomplish this.

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When you got your new Sonos player, you probably found it easy to set up. It even offers to automatically scan your music folder. What you may not realize is that you can also add a variety of music streaming services.

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Windows users may not want for much, but when it comes to OS X, there are still some items one might put on their feature wish list. Among these is the ability to get a “quick look” at images, PDFs, and other documents by pressing the spacebar.

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If you want to know who’s calling without looking at your phone, you can customize your contacts with special ringtones and vibration alerts. Then it doesn’t matter if it is across the room or in your pocket, you’ll know who is phoning you.

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If you use a Mac, chances are you might not even realize that OS X comes with a firewall. This firewall helps ensure unauthorized app and services can’t contact your computer, and prevents intruders from sniffing out your Mac on a network.

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Bluetooth speakers are so 2014. While they’re great on an individual portable basis, they only have an effective range of around 30 feet. Worse still, usually you can only control one Bluetooth speaker from one device at a time, and audio quality isn’t great over Bluetooth. That however, is where Sonos shines.

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Say you’re applying for a job, and the hiring company wants signed documents sent to them, or imagine you want to add an addition on to your house and the contractor wants to see photos. How do you that easily on a Mac?

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If you use Google’s Chrome browser, and chances are you probably do, then may want to clear your browsing history from time to time. It’s always a good idea to do this for the sake of privacy.

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Clearing your history from time to time shouldn’t be misconstrued as sneaky. It’s actually just a good practice to undertake. Over the course of time, you’re going to visit hundreds or even thousands of websites on your computer or smartphone. Not all these websites will necessarily be ones you’ll visit repeatedly. Some you may visit by accident or out of curiosity.

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OS X’s Preview is the little image viewer that keeps on giving. Preview is so feature-rich that there’s usually little reason to install another image viewer. It can even resize a large batch of images at once.

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Taking notes can make the difference between remembering that brilliant idea you came up with in the shower, and letting it go down the drain. Apple’s Notes app has come a long way from it’s fake-pad-of-paper days, stuffed with features to assure your best brainstorms are always within reach.

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Is Spotlight being a little wonky on your Mac? Is it constantly indexing your drive, or become corrupted so it can’t search? With just a few quick steps, you can rebuild your Spotlight index and put your search woes to rest.

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Screenshots are easy to take in OS X. You can either use Command+Shift+3 or Command+Shift+4 to take full screen screenshots or crosshair screenshots, respectively. By default, these shots are saved to the desktop, but there’s an easy way to change that.

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OS X 10.11 El Capitan includes a new “mouse locator” feature. If you lose your mouse pointer, just shake the mouse or move your finger on the touch pad vigorously, and the mouse pointer will temporarily grow very large so you can see it.

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