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Sometimes when you install a program in Windows, or when you apply a registry hack, you need to log out or restart Windows. However, the same thing can usually be accomplished by restarting the Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) process.

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The Event Viewer allows you to diagnose system and application problems in Windows. It has been enhanced in Windows 7; however, it still does not provide much information about the events in the interface.

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If you have moved from Windows XP to Windows 7, it might take some time to get used to the new Start menu and Taskbar. Here is a list of useful tips to help you make the most of each.

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Hacking the registry allows you to tweak many things in Windows, such as the adding and removing items from the context menu, enabling and disabling Windows features, customizing the Control Panel, and many other items.

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If you have installed the Developer Preview of Windows 8, you probably have discovered the rather obscure method of shutting down the system. There is an easier way of shutting down, restarting, sleeping, and hibernating your computer. You can add tiles to the Windows 8 Metro Start screen that allow you to perform these tasks with one click.

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The Document Map in Word 2007 provides easy navigation in long documents. You can jump around your document by headings or pages. It also provides a bird’s-eye view of your document’s structure.

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If you open different virtual machines in VirtualBox often, you will like VBoxLaunch. It allows you to launch virtual machines directly from the Start menu using a jumplist without having to launch the VirtualBox Manager first.

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The Navigation Pane in Word 2010 allows you to jump around your document in several ways. You can use it to find text, Word objects, such as tables and graphics, and to jump to specific headings and pages.

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Windows Explorer in Windows 7 has been significantly changed and improved since the days of Vista and XP. This article provides some of the more useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of Explorer.

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You may not think that a spell-checker is useful in a browser, but if you use a lot of forms online (for comments, forums, etc.), and you use Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), you may want to install Speckie.

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If you work with long documents in Word and prefer not to use Master Documents or separate files, you can use bookmarks to jump to specific places in your document.

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Have you installed Ubuntu 11.04 as a virtual machine in VirtualBox but have had problems getting the Shared Folders feature to work? We were able to add a shared folder, but were unable to access it.

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Keeping your data safe by performing regular backups is important. However, how many of us actually remember to stop what we’re doing and back up our data manually? An easy-to-use, automatic backup solution would solve that problem.

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Is your favorite text editor lacking a few features? Maybe you want to easily get a word count or change the case of selected text. There is an easy way to enhance your editor with these and additional features.

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In Windows 7, the System Tray has become the Notification Area and it allows for more customization than was available in Windows XP. You can choose which icons in the Notification Area are visible and which are hidden.

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D7 is a very useful, free tool for maintaining, repairing, and tweaking Windows, assisting in the removal of malware, and backing up all the user profiles on your computer. It can aid PC technicians in performing many tasks.

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Are you creating a very long document, but hate the thought of dealing with Word’s master document feature? The Master document feature in Word has been known in the past to corrupt documents.

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Have you ever tried to change the type of a section break in Word and only managed to ruin your sections and have to set them up and format them all over again?

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Do you create really long documents in Word? If so, you probably know that Word doesn’t always play well with them. It’s usually smarter to split your long documents into multiple Word files.

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Is Word behaving sluggishly, slowing you down? There are a various reasons why Word may be slowing down, but you can easily change some settings to speed it up.

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Is your Start menu getting so cluttered you can’t find anything? The All Programs section of the Start menu may be in alphabetical order (sometimes by company names rather than program names), but would you rather have it categorized?

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If you work on multiple computers, you probably cart your data and portable programs around on a USB flash drive. Wouldn’t it be handy to have an easy-to-use portable method of storing and accessing your private files?

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Microsoft Office 2010 allows you to customize the ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar, making it easy to group commands you use often in one place. It’s also easy to back up your customized ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar.

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When you delete a file in Windows, only the reference to the file is removed from the file system table. The file still exists on disk until other data overwrites it, leaving it vulnerable to recovery.

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Do you spend a lot of time using Windows Explorer? Wouldn’t it be handy if you could start your favorite program right from within the Explorer window? There’s an easy way to add applications to your Favorites List in Explorer.

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