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By default, worksheet tabs in Excel are given generic names, such as Sheet1, Sheet2, and so on. If you have a lot of worksheets in your workbook, finding specific sheets can get tricky.

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Rulers in Word help you position text, graphics, tables, and other elements in your documents. To gain a bit of extra document space, you can hide both the horizontal and vertical rulers.

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By default, inactive worksheet tabs in Excel are gray, and active or selected worksheet tabs are white. If you have a lot of worksheets in your workbook, it may be hard to quickly find a particular sheet.

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By default, if you post an animaged image in Slack, it will automatically play–and some can be quite annoying. If you would rather not see every animated image play automatically, you can easily disable this feature.

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By default, new workbooks created in Excel contain one worksheet. If you typically use more than one worksheet, you can change the number of worksheets available by default in new workbooks with a simple setting.

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By default, your Apple Watch will remind you to stand, notify you of your goal completions and achievements, and give you a weekly summary of your activity. Tired of seeing all these notifications? No worries. They’re easy to disable.

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If you want to create a directory containing several subdirectories, or a directory tree, using the command line in Linux, generally you have to use the mkdir command several times. However, there is a faster way to do this.

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By default, the Terminal window in Linux opens to your home directory. To change to any directory that is not directly in the home directory, you must provide the full path or use the “cd” command multiple times.

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When you send a handwritten message in the Messages app on your iPhone, it’s added to the recent list of messages so you can use it again. However, if you don’t want certain messages stored in the list, or don’t want to see them at all, there is a way to delete them.

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If you’ve accidentally turned on Caps Lock too many times–we’ve all been there–here is a solution. You can add an indicator to the top panel that shows the status of the Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock keys, that notifys you when one of them is pressed.

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We live in a very high-tech world. We walk around with our heads bowed down to our phones tapping away on the screens. But have we lost the art of handwriting? Not completely. iOS 10 has taken one more step towards incorporating handwriting into our daily communications.

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You can use either PC Settings or the Control Panel to change the mouse pointer size and color, and we’ll show you both ways. The PC Settings method can be used in Windows 10 and 8, and the Control Panel method can be used in Windows 10, 8, and 7.

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In the earlier days of the Apple Watch, when you needed to enter text, you had to either use a canned response, an emoji, a doodle, or speak your message aloud and hope the watch would transcribe it correctly. However, that has changed with watchOS 3.

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By default, the numbers on numbered lists are left-aligned in the space allotted for the numbering. However, aligning them to the center or the right (pictured on the right above) is easy, and we’ll show you how.

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If you spend any time in the Terminal at all, you probably use the mkdir command to create a directory, and then the cd command to change to that directory right after. However, there is a way to do both of those actions with one command.

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Changing the type of numbers used in a numbered list is easy, but what if you want to change the formatting on just the numbers–say, make the numbers bold, but not the text? It’s not obvious how to do that, but it can be done.

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iOS’ Notes app provides a convenient way to remember the great ideas you come up with and all the things you have to do. The app has evolved over the years, and iOS 10 adds even more features–including collaboration.

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If you’re working with files in the Terminal and switching back and forth between two directories, we’re about to save you some time. There is a shortcut command that allows you to toggle between two directories on the command line.

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Over time, you’ve subscribed to all kinds of mailing lists and now your inbox is overrun with emails you don’t want anymore. The Mail app in iOS 10 has added a really easy way to unsubscribe from mailing lists.

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Safari’s Split View is a new feature in iOS 10 that allows you to view two Safari windows side-by-side on your iPad. It’s similar to the Split View feature that was added to iOS 9, but specifically for Safari.

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The images you send in iMessage can use up precious bandwidth and space on your phone. However, iOS 10 now provides a way to reduce the size of images sent, if you don’t need a full quality photo.

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The “Define” feature in iOS has been renamed to “Look Up” in iOS 10, and has been enhanced to provide more than just definitions. Look Up now presents you with results from the App Store, Apple Music, websites, and Wikipedia.

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iOS has had a visual voicemail menu since the beginning, allowing you to browse and listen to voicemails without calling a number. Now, iOS 10 enhances visual voicemail by transcribing them, so you can read your voicemails too.

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By default, iMessage sends a read receipt back to the sender, so they can see when you’ve read their message. You can turn this feature off completely, but what if you want to send read receipts to some people but not others?

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In iOS 10, Safari supports an unlimited number of tabs. However, if you find yourself with too many tabs open and want to start fresh, there’s a shortcut to close all your tabs at once.

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