Jason Fitzpatrick

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like. has faced legal battles over the last few years, appearing and vanishing as quickly as Apple could lawyer up and attack them. Now that jailbreaking is considered legal under the DMCA the site is back up and he...

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XBMC is an awesome open-source media center application that can be customized, thanks to an easy-to-skin interface,  to give you the best looking media center on the block (and possibly in the county). Read on to see how.

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Want to turn your ringer off except for calls from a select few? SemiSilent selectively mutes your Android ringer so the critical calls come through and the rest stay silent.

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Back in May we shared a video of the Quadrotors from the University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP lab. The video showed the Quadrotors executing moves in perfect formation and at break neck speeds. It turns out that when they...

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In the above video Matt Richardson from Make Magazine shows us how to make our own homemade photo developer using simple household materials (like coffee, washing soda, and Vitamin C) combined with cheap development supplies ...

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Once a week we dip into our reader mailbag and answer three of your pressing tech questions. This week we’re looking at how to keep windows always on top, adding custom libraries to the Start Menu, and how to fix a corrupt IE User Agent entry.

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Jeremiah Warren likes strapping cheap cameras to things to see what happens (arrows and chickens for example). In the above video he rigged up a lightweight camera to the stems of various bottle rockets and recorded their fli...

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Fireworks restrictions are pretty tight in New York City; when you have that many people in that small a space the risk of somebody burning down a block of apartments with drunken homegrown fireworks show is a serious one. Th...

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In the above video Michael, from Michael’s Photography School, details how you can capture better fireworks photos including how to scout a location, important settings like shutter, aperture, and ISO, and tricks for ca...

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your strategy for installing applications on a new (or rebuilt) computer. The responses piled up and now we’re back to highlight your tips.

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Over at PukinDogPaintball Neild Bingham shares an impressive build. Dubbed the BECC (for Breach-Loaded Electro-Pneumatic Constant-Air Cannon), the modified potato cannon fires slugs of paint balls made from paper towel tubes ...

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In Vermont a Belgium draft horse named Fred, seen in the photo above being tended by his handler Claude, is a distinctly 19th century solution to a 21st century problem; how to run fiber optic cable through remote areas where...

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In the above video Chloe Dykstra puts a set of “booth babes” from the E3 2011 conference to the test by asking them simple questions about video games both new and old. If you’re a gaming fan and you can wat...

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Every week we crack open the tips box and share some of the best reader tips. This week we’re looking at android browser zooming, caffeine power naps, and customizing the boot screens on Android devices.

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Courtesy of Flattr at Thingiverse, you can grab a copy of the “Warning: Will Burn Your House Down” graphic in high resolution image formats suitable for silk screening, laser engraving, or plain old fashioned sign printing.

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Electric Dreams is a show based on the novel premise that an average British family is starting, technologically speaking, in the 1970s and progressing over a month to the year 2000–restricted each step of the way to us...

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At Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories they were in search for the perfect footstool. Never ones to do something halfway they set out to build a footstool shaped like the famous integrated circuit design the 555 Timer. The proje...

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Whether your computer is brand new or feels brand new after an OS refresh, we’re curious to see what order you install applications in. What goes on first? What goes on last? What is forgotten until you need it?

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Over at Hacker Friendly they took ten Canon A470s, hacked the firmware with the Canon CHDK firmware, and wired them all together into an arc to capture a Tesla coil in action. Watch the video below to see the results:

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If you’re looking for a way to download and format shift books and magazines found in Google Books, Google Books Downloader can help.

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In the above video the owners of Base2 Electronics are watching a PCB testing machine at the factory where they purchase their boards for resale. The machine is first scanning the board to identify it in the board database an...

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The security debacle at Dropbox last week opened a lot of peoples’ eyes to the need for user-managed encryption for cloud-based storage. Read on to learn how to secure your Dropbox (and other cloud-based files) with Boxcryptor.

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Achim Sack, a fan of hardware hacking and time lapse photography, created a super tiny interval timer that works with Nikon, Canon, and Pentax DSLRs. Plug it in, snap a shot between 0.4 seconds and 18 minutes to set the inter...

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Gavin, a hardware hacker from Sydney, built an open-source POV (persistence of vision) staff after the Wi-Fi visualizer inspired him to begin playing with large POV builds. He built his POV staff using LED strips, wireless co...

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Michael Hartl is a mathematician on a mission, a mission to get people away from using Pi and to start using Tau. His manifesto opens:

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