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Jason Fitzpatrick is warranty-voiding DIYer and all around geek. When he's not documenting mods and hacks he's doing his best to make sure a generation of college students graduate knowing they should put their pants on one leg at a time and go on to greatness, just like Bruce Dickinson. You can follow him on if you'd like.

David Malki, the guy behind the Wondermark comics, created a really cool eight-page Victorian-esque magazine with beautiful artwork and entertaining projects from days gone by. The last page of the comic is a set of rules for...

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Jailbreaking is awesome and the Cydia store is performing and invaluable service for the jailbreak community. It is, however, kind of clunky to search with it. Cydia Search gives you a nice, web-based, way to search through a...

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Earlier this week—and in light of the Electronic Frontier Foundations call for an Open Wi-Fi world—we asked you if you ran an open Wi-Fi node. Your responses were strong and varied.

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Download the app to your Android device or iPhone, fire it up, and you’re ready to start locating and placing geocaches.

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Free Comic Book Day was started in 2002 as a way to promote comic books as a genre and hobby. Participating stores, thousands and thousands of independent comic shops across the world–give away a free comic book (and so...

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We don’t know about you but we’re absolute suckers for high-speed photography. This gallery combines novel things (Jello filled ornaments shot up with air guns, for example) with beautiful high-speed captures.

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Every week we dip into the reader mail bag and pull out tips and tricks to share. This week we’re looking at a super simple shortcut for resizing windows, how to contain your mouse in a multi-monitor setup, and how to check your battery configuration.

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There’s no need to go mucking about in your power settings to temporarily keep your machine awake, let Coffee perk it up and keep everything active until your downloads are finished.

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Unpluggd, a home-centric technology blog, shares a really simple hack that makes a big difference. When movie audio is mixed for DVD/Bluray playback the dialogue is almost always piped through the center channel.

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Last week the Electronic Frontier Foundation sent out a call to action encouraging people to join the Open Wireless Movement. Do you agree with their stance or is Wi-Fi sharing risky business?

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The heart of the hack is taking an old USB memory stick and modifying it so that it presents itself to the computer as a keyboard. Once attached to the computer the fake “keyboard” sends the signal to toggle the C...

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When it comes to unique ways to browse and display your music it doesn’t get much more unique than Planetary–an iPad-based music browser that arranges your collection like galaxies and star systems.

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If you’re a fan of Pandora’s uncannily good music stations you’ll be pleased to hear they’ve rolled out a matching comedy stations. Search for a comedian to seed your station and enjoy the 10,000+ comedy routines.

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A media center isn’t nearly as fun if all your media is mislabeled poorly organized. Read on to learn how to use Ember Media Manager to whip your media into shape and make your collection sparkle.

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Jello has that certain jiggle to it but it’s a jiggle you’ve never seen quite like this. Check out the video to see Jello shot in ultra slow-motion.

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This day in Geek History saw the first example of a “geocache”, a container hidden at specific coordinates and left for others to find as part of a global game.

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When nearing the end of a great book it’s natural to want more books like the one that is about to come to an end. YourNextRead takes the book you’re reading and suggests follow up books to match it.

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Each week we dip into the Ask How-To Geek mailbox and answer your pressing questions. This week we’re looking at installing PDF printers, hiding accounts at the Windows Login Screen, and sharing a USB HDD between computers.

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For a fresh, free, and geeky source of ring tones, it’s tough to beat WolframTones, a musical mashup of Wolfram Alpha and Mathematica that generates unique ringtones based on algorithms.

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If you’re looking for a superbly camouflaged spot to stash valuables, flash drives, or other small objects, this clever DIY fake junction box as stash spot setup is ideal.

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If you want to share a cool game on your iOS device but not let everyone read your email, Locktopus offers a simple app-by-app lockdown solution.

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If you prefer your mad scientist experiments to be more of the delicious and fizzy variety rather than the genetically-modified animals with laser beams variety, this DIY Pop Rocks recipe has all the makings of a fun weekend project.

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your techniques for managing and organizing your passwords. Now we’re back to highlight the tools, tricks, and tips you use to wrangle your passwords and internet security.

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You’ve probably got a pallet or two propped up against the back wall of your office right now; here’s how you can turn one of those old pallets into a comfortable hanging chair for your backyard.

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If the recent uproar about Apple’s aggressive iOS tracking logs has you a bit paranoid about what your Android device might be storing, Location Cache makes it simple to view and wipe the location database on your phone.

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