Eric Z Goodnight

Eric Z Goodnight is an Illustrator and Graphics Geek who hopes to make Photoshop more accessible to How-To Geek readers. When he’s not headbanging to heavy metal or geeking out over manga, he’s often off screen printing T-Shirts.

Even if you don’t have much drawing talent, it’s surprisingly easy to create a photorealistic caricature from a photograph with good resolution and a few minutes in Photoshop. Grab an image and get ready to become a caricature artist!

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You’ve seen it in magazines, photo websites, advertisements, and loads of other places—that romantic, almost saccharine look applied to an image to soften skin texture and create “glowing” portraits. Here’s how to get that supermodel glow in under a minute.

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While falling under the “just for fun” category, faking a tattoo in Photoshop or GIMP is an exercise that can teach you quite a lot about the program. Here’s how we made a convincing image from a few minutes work.

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When you learned photography the hard way, it’s hard not to see the new generation as simpletons spoiled by the advance of tech. Today, we’re learning about the history of photography, and how hard it really was.

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At How-To Geek, we’ve written extensively about how it’s impossible to “enhance” images and reclaim detail that is lost or isn’t there to begin with. Are we changing our tune? Nope, there’s nothing magical about these tips, except for the improved results you’ll get when you improve your own low resolution images. Keep reading and give it a shot!

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It’s never too late to let that special someone know how you feel about them with these elementary school-style geek valentines. Send them off on Valentine’s day as E-cards, or print them out and share them, and make somebody smile.

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JPG distortion, tiling, and artifacts can ruin an otherwise great image. While no technique can truly restore and image, here’s a How-to Geek tip on how to remove and repair JPG distortion and artifacts in a few easy steps.

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It may not be a fountain of youth, but Photoshop is the secret of beauty experts everywhere. Here’s some tips on  how to reduce wrinkles and make the people in your pictures look younger in virtually no time at all.

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One of the often overlooked features of Photoshop is the easily customizable GUI. If you’ve just been using the standard workspace, this simple how to will give you all you need to make your Photoshop workspace truly your own.

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Because there’s not enough ways to mess with people’s heads in Photoshop, here’s how to recreate this bizarre double portrait seen around the internet, showing the side and front of a face at the same time.

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Swapping out lenses is one of the greatest advantages of modern photography, allowing for photographers to take vastly different kinds of pictures with the same camera. But what should you know before you  buy an expensive new lens?

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Recently, popular photographer Trey Ratcliff said he’s done buying DSLR cameras because mirrorless cameras are the future. Let’s take a look at what these cameras are, and see if Trey is onto something, or just full of hot air.

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It’s become an internet cliché—”cartoonify yourself!” But given a few moments in Photoshop, you can cut out the middleman and turn one of your own photos into a surprisingly nice photo filter cartoon. C’mon, you know you have a minute.

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Today, we’ll take a look at how to quickly add complex watermarks to hundreds of images at once—and some devious ways to remove these watermarks from other people’s images. Is it wrong do this? Keep reading and decide for yourself.

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RAM is one of those upgrades everyone seems to skimp on when buying a PC, only to later wish for more. Regretting your underpowered memory purchase? Here’s how to speed up your machine by installing some additional memory.

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Christmas and holiday parties mean getting lots of family and friends together. And getting the family together usually means lots and lots of pictures! Here’s some of HTG’s favorite tips for better photos this holiday.

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Scanning pics is a big enough pain, but oversize images can be a nightmare. Today, we’ll look at some tips at scanning huge images with smaller scanners, and how a bit of Microsoft freeware can make the process much easier.

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When printing, you might have come across the word “Postscript.” Ever wondered what the heck this means, and relevance it has to your printer? Take a minute, learn some computer history, and a little bit more about desktop printers work.

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Everyone looks cool when they’re walking away from an explosion—especially babies. Here’s how to use Photoshop to add some excitement to your pics, make your family look like Hollywood action heroes, and have a lot of fun doing it.

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There may be no point to it… it must be a stupid geek trick! Here’s how you can convert some of your images into sound files and hear what your photographs are secretly saying to you.

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Windows XP just isn’t secure anymore! If the expense of the new Windows operating systems is too great, here’s an easy and painless way to get a completely free Linux, keep your old Windows XP installation, and start surfing securely.

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We’ve already shown you how to celebrate Halloween by turning your friends into ghosts, now we’ll show you how to turn them into the hungry dead with a fun video how-to. Grab some Facebook photos and give it a shot!

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Most geeks will tell you it’s well past time to get rid of XP and upgrade to newer, safer operating systems. It can be tough to explain, so keep reading this list of real world reasons to let XP go.

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Halloween is fast approaching, so why not use this how-to and haunt your friends? A few minutes Photoshop or GIMP handiwork, and you can be making scary pictures to send to everybody you know. Keep reading!

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You spend all of the time you’re on the PC staring at that monitor—shouldn’t it be a good one? Today, we’ll decode the specs and monitor jargon to help you find the best possible LCD screen for your needs.

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