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Craig Lloyd is TIME Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year, as well as a mediocre gamer, aviation geek, baseball fan, motorcyclist, and a proud introvert. He began his career as a young, naive teenager tinkering around with the family computer and has since blossomed into the beautiful geek he is today.

Chamberlain’s MyQ technology is great for opening and closing your garage door remotely with your smartphone, but you can also receive alerts whenever your garage door opens and closes (as well as receive alerts when it’s been open for an extended amount of time). Here’s how to enable them.

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If you have a newer garage door opener from Chamberlain (or its professional brand LiftMaster), it’s likely that it comes with MyQ. Here’s how to set it up so that you can open and close your garage door remotely using your smartphone.

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If using a remote to turn on your TV is too old school for you, here’s how to use the Amazon Echo to turn on your television using your voice.

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If you plan on moving into a new place, are selling your Eero system, or are just having issues with it, here’s how to factory reset it so you can start fresh from square one.

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If you’re running out of outlets to plug things into, installing a switch/outlet combo is a great way to squeeze in another receptacle without completely wiring in a new outlet or sacrificing existing outlets or switches.

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If your house ever gets broken into or—God forbid—catches on fire, you’ll want an inventory of all your stuff, so that your insurance company will fairly compensate you for the items that you lost. Here are some different ways you can create that inventory.

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If you want better control over how bright or dim your lights get, installing a dimmer switch is a great way to make that happen, especially if you want to adjust them regularly. Here’s how to replace a regular light switch with a dimmer switch.

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Smartphone cameras are getting better and better every year, and while no one would argue DSLRs are the best choice for serious photography, smartphones have made middle-of-the-road point-and-shoots all the more rare in people’s arsenals. But there are still a few areas in which point-and-shoot cameras are superior to the phone in your pocket.

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The new Force Touch trackpad on Apple’s MacBooks is similar to the 3D Touch display on the iPhone 6s and 7, allowing you to press down harder to perform a different task or bring up secondary options. Here are some cool things you can do with the MacBook’s Force Touch trackpad.

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Many cheaper items on Amazon are a “Add-on Items”, which you can only buy if your total order is $25 or more. However, here’s how to get around that using an Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device.

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If you use Google Calendar and want Alexa to read off your upcoming events without having to take the time to actually look, you can easily link your Google Calendar to your Amazon Echo and have the quintessential personal assistant you’ve always wanted.

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Both the Amazon Echo and the Google Home allow you to do some really cool things, but the Google Home has one big advantage: you can beam content to your Chromecast using just your voice.

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If your home’s Wi-Fi signal sucks, you might be looking at mesh solutions like the Luma Home Wi-Fi System. Luma consists of multiple Wi-Fi extenders that you spread across your house in order to cover every nook and cranny with an excellent Wi-Fi signal. Here’s how to set it all up and how to configure it to deliver the best Wi-Fi possible all around your home.

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When you mail a letter, all you have to do is slap a stamp on it and stick it in the mailbox. But shipping a package is a whole different beast. The good news, though, is that you still don’t need to leave the comfort of your home if you don’t want to. Here’s how to skip the post office entirely and mail any package without stepping foot outside.

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Those tiny lights on your Eero router may not seem very bright, but once you turn the lights off in the room, it’s like they shine as bright as the sun. There are ways you can block or dim the LED lights on all your device, but the Eero actually has an option to turn these off.

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Thanks to the power of Alexa and its open API, you’re able to control a vast number of devices using just your voice. If you have an Eero Wi-Fi system, you can even control your home network with the Amazon Echo.

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When you buy an Amazon hardware product, like an Echo, Fire TV, or Fire tablet, it arrives already linked to your Amazon account in order to reduce any friction with the setup process. But if you want to give one of these devices as a gift to someone else, here’s how to unregister your Amazon account from the device.

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Amazon blew the industry wide open with its release of the Echo back in 2014, and has since become the company’s most popular hardware product. However, Google has since gotten in on the fun with the Google Home, a direct Echo competitor that aims to reign supreme. But which one should you buy if you’re in the market for a virtual home assistant? Here are some key points to know about both devices to see which one might be best suited for you.

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If you have guests over and want them to have access to the Google Home’s speaker functionality, you can enable Guest Mode, which allows them to connect without being on your Wi-Fi network.

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People often worry about keeping their computers, smartphones, and tablets secure from hackers and malware. But what about your smarthome devices? They can be just as susceptible as any other device on your network, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

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Big home appliances definitely aren’t cheap, but they can last for a really long time if you take care of them and perform the proper maintenance at regular intervals.

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Amazon’s slightly-larger Fire HD 8 tablet is a bit more expensive than the entry-level Fire Tablet, but it comes with a faster processor and a higher-resolution display that’s well worth the cost. However, it still comes with the same Fire OS interface and restrictions that only give you access to the Amazon Appstore. Here’s how to install the Google Play Store on the newer Fire HD 8 and get access to a lot more apps and games.

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When you have guests over who want to use your Wi-Fi, Eero makes it really simple to create a guest network for them to connect to. That way they can get internet access, but they won’t be able to access your local network files or other devices.

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If you have kids, then you might know a thing or two about how difficult it can be to yank them away from their computers and other devices so they get their chores done on time or just spend quality time with the family. Eero, the robust whole-house Wi-Fi system, has a feature that makes this easy.

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In some houses, light switches on the wall might control individual outlets, where you can plug in lamps and other lights. They’re really convenient, but if you ever need to replace that outlet, there are some important things you’ll need to keep in mind. It’s not the same as replacing any other outlet.

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