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Akemi Iwaya (Asian Angel) is our very own Firefox Fangirl who enjoys working with multiple browsers and loves 'old school' role-playing games. Visit her on Twitter and .

With all the trouble one can run into on the Internet, it is always a good idea to have as secure of a connection as possible. But what do you do when your browser says a secure website is not fully secure? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answer to a worried reader’s question.

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Sooner or later we all find ourselves in a bit of a spot and need a quick way to get through a power outage, finding the right direction to go without a compass on hand, dealing with insects when outdoors, etc. Today’s video from Household Hacker has seven useful survival-type tips to help out when you find yourself in a bind.

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One of the things people remember most about classic Nintendo gaming is blowing on the cartridges to get them working again. But did it actually help? YouTube channel ‘It’s Okay To Be Smart’ looks at this ‘mystery’ in today’s video.

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Forests are terrific places to meditate, relax, and explore…all you have to do is clear your mind and enjoy the quietness of nature surrounding you. Bring these havens of peace and rest to your Nexus 7′s screen with the first in our series of Forests Wallpaper collections.

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It can be quite irritating when we experience ringing in our ears, but what is actually going on “in there” when it occurs? YouTube channel SciShow explains what has happened and how it creates that irritating ringing sound in today’s video.

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If you are new to working with partitions, then you may wonder what the differences between the different types are, and which ones you can install newer Windows systems on. With that in mind, today’s SuperUser Q&A post looks at a curious reader’s partition question.

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Are you anxious to get started with your holiday weekend festivities? Then why not help the day pass just a bit quicker with some gaming fun? Take a break from work and engage in a campaign of castle destroying, enemy conquering fun with today’s game!

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We are used to ice cubes cracking apart in our drinks, but why does it happen? Today’s video explains why and shows the process in slow motion, but then takes things a step further by adding ice to a super cold liquid!

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With the variety in names and so-called types of Pentium processors over the years, it can be a little bit confusing knowing the differences between them all. With that in mind, today’s SuperUser Q&A post has some answers to a curious reader’s question about numbered and non-numbered Pentium processors.

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Are you the proud new owner of a Surface Pro 3 or getting ready to purchase one soon? If so, then you will be pleased to know that Microsoft has two new guides available for download!

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What would our planet be like without the Moon? Would our oceans’ tides be the only thing affected or would there be far more of an impact than we imagine? Learn the answers in today’s video from YouTube channel SciShow Space!

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Dragonflies are beautiful to look at with their variety of colors and awesome to watch as they flit back and forth. While away lazy summer afternoons with these gentle masters of the air on your desktop with the first in our series of Dragonflies Wallpaper collections.

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Work on the latest version of Ubuntu continues to move forward and now the first set of alpha releases is available for download. So pull out the blank DVDs, because this weekend is the perfect time to grab copies of the new alpha and indulge in some 14.10 goodness!

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Medical conditions sometimes require us to tweak Windows in order to accommodate a particular physical limitation or need. With this in mind, today’s SuperUser Q&A post looks at options available for a reader’s visual monochrome needs.

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As long as our computers do what we need when we need them to, we tend not to think too much about how they work. But it never hurts to have a deeper understanding of what is happening inside our computers’ cases. Today’s video from Computerphile focuses on computer memory and how it works.

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Google kicked off I/O 2014 earlier today, so if you were wanting to watch the event live, then we have the links you need. So grab your favorite refreshments and get ready to enjoy I/O 2014!

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Sometimes you need to work on hardware components, like a motherboard, outside of the computer case, but is it safe to do so with the hardware in question powered up? Today’s SuperUser Q&A posts looks at precautions one should take with an endeavor like this.

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If you use OneDrive for your cloud storage needs, then you will definitely be pleased with Microsoft’s announcement this week. Free storage and Office 365 accounts have both been given massive increases in size, and prices have also been lowered for paid storage subscribers!

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Auroras are quite stunning to behold, but why and how do they happen? Learn what makes these phenomenal wonders of the sky possible in today’s video from SciShow!

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Default and nature wallpapers make very nice backgrounds to look at on your iPhone, but sometimes you want something that really sets a unique mood on your screen. Bring your iPhone into the ‘Age of Metal’ with the first in our series of Metalworks Wallpaper collections.

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The weekend is almost here, but until you can clock out and go home, why not have some fun with a bit of building blasting fun? Today’s game provides you with an impressive arsenal of tools to use while demolishing old buildings!

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If your devices have both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability built in, then which one is actually faster? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answer to a curious reader’s question.

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Now that warm weather is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere, it is a perfect time for some outdoor fun. With that in mind, here are two DIY projects that you can work on to make your next outdoor gathering even more fun!

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While the existence of the Oort Cloud has not been proved via direct observation yet, astronomers are sure it is there because it helps to answer a lot of questions about our solar system. But how big is it and what could we expect to find there? Today’s video from SciShow Space looks at the current theories about the Oort Cloud.

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Google recently made a significant change to the stable and beta channels of Chrome, one that disabled any extension that did not come from the Web Store. While this will help improve security for many of Chrome’s users, how does someone with a legitimate non-web store extension get it to work again?

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