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Akemi Iwaya (Asian Angel) is our very own Firefox Fangirl who enjoys working with multiple browsers and loves 'old school' role-playing games. Visit her on Twitter and .

Being used to how things work in our own universe, one might wonder what life would be like in a universe with only two dimensions. Would things be similar in many ways or would things be vastly different? YouTube channel Sixty Symbols discusses the topic in this terrific video.

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The deadline for the end of Windows XP support is drawing closer every day now, yet many people and businesses continue to use it. Microsoft is adamant that once April 8th comes and goes, there will be no end-of-life extensions, assisted support options, or online technical content updates of any kind, period. With this in mind, many security experts are expecting malware authors to start stockpiling exploits and vulnerabilities in the lead-up to the cut-off date.

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Are you one of the people who signed up for Yahoo’s user name wishlist last month? Then you will be glad to know that Yahoo has started mailing out notifications to people regarding the user names they signed up for!

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Skyrim is not only a fantastic game to play, but also full of gorgeous scenery and locations to see if you take the time look around and appreciate the view. Explore the continent of Tamriel and beyond on your desktop with the first in our series of Skyrim Wallpaper collections.

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It has become a habit for many people to use Google to find information when they have a question about something; just a few quick keystrokes and instant satisfaction. But does being able to look up so much information mean we are getting ‘lazy and stupid’? Is it making us any smarter? Are we past the age of memory? The Idea Channel debates the topic in their latest video.

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We all suffer from boredom at some point, but there is not that much to it, right? When you are bored, you are bored! But there may be more going on ‘behind the scenes’ than you know, or where it could lead when you feel bored. Michael from Vsauce discusses interesting facts about boredom in his latest video.

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If your Chrome browser reaches a point where it no longer works well, then that usually means uninstalling and reinstalling it in order to get back the fresh optimal performance you love. But things just got a lot simpler this week! The latest stable build of Chrome comes with a new ‘Reset to Default’ option that lets you return your browser to its original ‘shiny new condition’ with just a click of a button.

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People love to play games on their mobile phones, but on occasion there will be one that does more than just serve as a source of fun, it makes you think. While parts of the science in Plague Inc. are not accurate, there are parts that will give you an idea of how scientists might learn more about and deal with an emerging threat, and how a disease might manage to spread in our increasingly inter-connected world.

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Are you a huge fan of Google Chrome, but looking for a way to lock things down or supervise what your children access when browsing the internet with Chrome? Then you will definitely be pleased with the latest feature to be introduced in the Chrome Canary Channel! The new supervised accounts feature lets you add accounts with built-in restrictions and fewer privileges to help keep your little ones safer on the web.

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Using backgrounds that are bright and colorful make for a pleasing visual experience most of the time, but then there are times when you may prefer something a bit more subtle and natural to look at. Add a classy, natural look to your iPad’s screen with the first in our series of Wood Texture Wallpaper collections.

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Have you been thinking about starting a new blog? If you have, then you know there are quite a few blogging services available these days. So which one do you choose? The answer to that will depend on the type of blogging you intend to do, whether you are looking for a free service, the options available for each platform, and more. To help you choose the best one for your needs, The Next Web has put together a terrific list of fifteen blogging platforms with pros, cons, and a verdict for each one.

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If you love thinking or talking about numbers, then you will definitely enjoy today’s video covering PNT, a prime generating formula. Dr James Grime from Numberphile discusses how the Prime Number Theorem (PNT) shows that primes are like weeds.

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Now that NASA’s Curiosity Rover has been on Mars for a year, you may be wondering what the biggest discoveries have been so far. SciShow looks at the three biggest discoveries by Curiosity during its first year of operation in this informative video.

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So there you are, right in the middle of your favorite video game, but you are so busy with missions and quests that you may be missing one of the best parts. What part is that you may ask? All the locations you travel through that are full of wonderful scenery you may have never taken the time to notice! With that in mind, YouTube user Ultrabrilliant decided to put together a series of videos featuring these awesome video worlds for your viewing pleasure.

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Windows 8.1 RTM is nearly here and Microsoft is continuing to work hard adding polish and improvements to the operating system. The Verge has obtained a copy of the latest leaked build and taken it for a test spin, so if you are curious about the latest round of changes, then here is your opportunity to see what is new!

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Minecraft is an awesome game that just keeps getting better with time and serves as an excellent showcase of people’s artistic talents and creativity. Build the perfect desktop on your computer this weekend with the second in our series of Minecraft Wallpaper collections.

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Whether it is a reliable favorite or a shiny new Android device, you may be considering adding anti-virus software to help protect your phone and/or tablet. The question though, is which anti-virus software do you choose?’s latest batch of test results for the July-August time period are now available for viewing and can help you make a better, more informed decision.

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Our favorite super heroes have awesome and unique powers to help them fight villains, but you might be surprised to know that many animals have natural and amazing super powers of their own! PBS Digital Studios looks at some of Nature’s most fascinating super-powered animals in this terrific video.

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All browsers will offer to save passwords for you if you like, but that may not be the best of ideas. A fire storm of debate erupted online yesterday concerning the ease in which saved passwords can be accessed in Google Chrome, the only major browser on the market without a master password option at this time.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if ice did not float? Perhaps you have never really thought about it, but you might be surprised at the impact such a change would have on our world’s climate. The Periodic Table of Videos channel discusses how ice’s ability to float has a positive effect on our climate in this terrific video.

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DDoS attacks can definitely be irritating when they affect your favorite websites or have an impact on overall internet performance, but could they or would they ever be classified as weapons? Mike Rugnetta from The Idea Channel discusses the topic in this video.

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No matter the foes or crises he has faced, Iron Man has always been tough enough to live up to his heroic name and persevere. Toughen up your Nexus 7′s screen with a visual ‘iron supplement’ from the first in our series of Iron Man Wallpaper collections.

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It has been one Earth year since NASA’s Curiosity Rover touched down on Mars, so NASA has put together an awesome video with 500+ images from the mission to celebrate this milestone. The photos are from a ‘rover’s eye point of view’ showing Curiosity driving around, scooping, and drilling during its first year of work.

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Do you ever have those moments when curiosity for the sake of fun gets a hold of you? Perhaps that curiosity gets focused on computer-related “what ifs”, such as how well a very old operating system would do if used with today’s modern apps and web? Nazmus Shakib Khandaker decided to find out how well Windows 98 could and would do in 2013.

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The moon Titan holds a unique distinction…it is the only other known ‘object’ in our solar system with a dense atmosphere and stable bodies of surface liquid. Unlike Earth though, there are no waves on Titan. This mystery has planetary scientists baffled and on a quest to understand this incredible phenomenon.

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