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Akemi Iwaya (Asian Angel) is our very own Firefox Fangirl who enjoys working with multiple browsers and loves 'old school' role-playing games. Visit her on Twitter and .

If there is one thing we are all tired of, it is being constantly tracked and spied on while we are browsing the Internet. With this in mind, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has been hard at work on an extension for Firefox and Chrome that helps put an end to the unwanted attention so that you can browse in peace.

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Being able to find your favorite applications using substrings makes your workload just a bit easier to deal with, but what do you do when this useful search feature stops working? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answer to solve a reader’s ‘broken’ search feature problem.

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Are you still using Windows XP and worried about having solid malware protection for your system now that Microsoft ended support earlier this year? Then here is your last chance to see which anti-virus apps are doing the best job of protecting Windows XP beyond the end of support date!

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While we still have a long way to go before we have a holodeck as awesome as the one shown on Star Trek: The Next Generation, work on the first rudimentary holodecks is already under way. Today’s video features one of the early versions, a large scale tracking lab with VR headsets, located at the Max-Planck-Institut fur biologische Kybernetik.

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Whether they have a classic design or an artistic one, bridges are awesome to look at and their photos make terrific wallpapers on our favorite electronic devices. Travel across the water on your iPad’s screen with the first in our series of Bridges Wallpaper collections.

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If you love games that test your thinking skills and sense of timing, then you will definitely enjoy today’s game. Your goal is to use bowling balls, basketballs, and bubbles in conjunction with a set of Rube Goldbergian style implements to get the 8-ball to the green checkered flag area on the game board!

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The ‘time remaining’ estimations on Windows are enough to drive anyone crazy at times, but have you ever wondered how Windows determines those times? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has some answers for a curious, yet frustrated, reader’s question.

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Have you ever been curious why it gets hotter the deeper underground your go? Perhaps you have children who have asked you the same question? Then wonder no more! Emily Elert from YouTube channel MinuteEarth explains why Earth is hot underground in today’s video.

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Oracle has just released their latest quarterly security updates for the Java Runtime Environment, so if you need it on your system for Minecraft or other Java-specific apps, then make sure to download the latest version now.

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Sleep mode is great for when you are not using your computer, but what do you do when ‘something’ is constantly waking it up? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has some suggestions to help diagnose, and catch, the guilty culprit.

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While immunology may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of computers, there is quite a bit that security professionals can learn from it. YouTube channel Computerphile looks at how immunological principles are applied to computer security in today’s video.

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YouTube channel SciShow looks at how transistors work and make all computing possible, the limitations that are being reached with our current silicon-based technology, and the new, possible types of technology we could ‘explore’ for even faster computers.

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Earlier this year we shared a wonderful collection of Rustic Barns wallpapers with you, and today, we are back with more. Journey through the countryside once again on your desktop with the second in our series of Rustic Barns Wallpaper collections.

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A dark prophecy has come to pass and now King Leonidas faces his greatest challenge as the evil lizard men seek to conquer his kingdom. Join the battle and help King Leonidas fight the lizard men with his magic spear Vibrissa in today’s physics-based challenger.

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Searching for a singular file or file type is one thing, but what do you do when you need to search for multiple file types at the same time? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post comes to the rescue for one reader’s file search dilemma.

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The imminent release of Unicode 7 with more emoji was recently announced, but what kinds of emoji were added? Tom Scott from Computerphile looks at the new emoji in Unicode 7, why they were added, and shares a history of how emoji became part of Unicode in today’s video!

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There is nothing quite like finding the perfect resource guide for your favorite Windows system, office suite, or other Windows-based utilities. With that in mind, the links for a massive collection of 130 free Microsoft books, resource guides, and step-by-steps have been gathered into one place for you to pick and choose from with ease!

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With all the trouble one can run into on the Internet, it is always a good idea to have as secure of a connection as possible. But what do you do when your browser says a secure website is not fully secure? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answer to a worried reader’s question.

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Sooner or later we all find ourselves in a bit of a spot and need a quick way to get through a power outage, finding the right direction to go without a compass on hand, dealing with insects when outdoors, etc. Today’s video from Household Hacker has seven useful survival-type tips to help out when you find yourself in a bind.

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One of the things people remember most about classic Nintendo gaming is blowing on the cartridges to get them working again. But did it actually help? YouTube channel ‘It’s Okay To Be Smart’ looks at this ‘mystery’ in today’s video.

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Forests are terrific places to meditate, relax, and explore…all you have to do is clear your mind and enjoy the quietness of nature surrounding you. Bring these havens of peace and rest to your Nexus 7′s screen with the first in our series of Forests Wallpaper collections.

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It can be quite irritating when we experience ringing in our ears, but what is actually going on “in there” when it occurs? YouTube channel SciShow explains what has happened and how it creates that irritating ringing sound in today’s video.

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If you are new to working with partitions, then you may wonder what the differences between the different types are, and which ones you can install newer Windows systems on. With that in mind, today’s SuperUser Q&A post looks at a curious reader’s partition question.

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Are you anxious to get started with your holiday weekend festivities? Then why not help the day pass just a bit quicker with some gaming fun? Take a break from work and engage in a campaign of castle destroying, enemy conquering fun with today’s game!

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We are used to ice cubes cracking apart in our drinks, but why does it happen? Today’s video explains why and shows the process in slow motion, but then takes things a step further by adding ice to a super cold liquid!

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