Welcome to How-To Geek: a Site for Geeks, Created by Geeks

We are an online tech magazine, dedicated to providing interesting articles, how-tos, and even fun trivia to our audience of geeky (and not-so-geeky) readers. We’ve tried really hard to make sure that our content is understandable for regular people, but geeky enough that the more technical readers would find it interesting as well.


Can I Email You a Question?
Absolutely. We get a ton of email, so we might not answer every email from every reader.

Note: If you have a computer question, you’d be better off asking on the forums.

Why Did You Start This Site?
I started this site in October of 2006 because of my frustration with all of the How-To sites out there. After the first few years and millions of visitors later, the site has evolved beyond what we could have ever imagined.

Does the logo really look like you?
I don’t wear the cape.

Where did the logo come from?
The short answer: I enjoy drawing.

Can I Write Articles For The How-To Geek?
Sorry, we’re really picky about who we allow to write for us. If you want a writing job, feel free to contact us, but you’ll need to have good writing skills and have interesting ideas.

We absolutely do not do guest articles with links back to any site.

Can I Republish Your Articles On My Site?
This site has taken literally thousands of hours of work to create and maintain, and every single article is original copyrighted content. I understand that in the how-to/tech world there are only so many ways to do something, so I’m not trying to imply that you can’t write a similar article or quote my article with a link back, I’m just saying you can’t outright copy my words and screenshots.

Can I Translate Your Articles?
You are welcome to translate the articles into another language as long as you follow a couple of rules:

  • You cannot use our images.
  • You must link back to the original article.

Where Do you Get Your Article Ideas?
1) Our own personal experiences in the tech world.
2) Suggestions and questions from readers.

Is there a privacy policy?

You can read the How-To Geek Privacy Policy here