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Snipreel: Snip and Share Segments of YouTube Video

Snipreel is a web-based app that makes it dead simple to selectively snip and share portions of a YouTube video. Want to share the funniest three sections of the video with friends but not the rest? Snip away.

Snipreel is extremely easy to use. Visit the site, plug in the URL for the video you want to slice up, and then–while watching the video–hit the snip button to start and stop the clipping process. When you’re done you can then share the Snipreel URL with friends and they’ll see just the clips you selected from within the larger video.

For the curious, the above screen grab is from a video we randomly selected from the roster of new videos at the bottom of the Snipreel page. Apparently somebody really wanted to share just the moments when renowned scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson shared his disbelief/awe face.

Snipreel [via Addictive Tips]

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  • Published 12/8/11

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  1. Dima

    Watch out, we got a badass over here

  2. stuart

    Just went there to try it but it seems as though they are retooling.

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