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Ghost Incognito Automatically Loads Incognito Mode Based on Domain

Chrome: Ghost Incognito mode is a simple Chrome extension that automatically launches Incognito mode on a domain-by-domain basis.

If you routinely visit the same sites using Incognito Mode, Ghost Incognito allows you to flag domains. By default it turns on Incognito for all .XXX domains and, once you select some domains, for any that you specify.

Thus if you flag, as we did for our test run of the app, every time you visit or a sub-domain there of such as, you’ll be automatically directed to a new Incognito tab–no input from you necessary.

Ghost Incognito is free, Chrome only.

Ghost Incognito [via Addictive Tips]

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  • Published 11/22/11

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  1. e1sunz


  2. andyr354

    Cool, me Like.

  3. k4rizma

    for all .xxx domains


  4. Teiji

    Does anyone know if Firefox has a similar addon?

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