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Pyro Jam Can Is a DIY Mini Ruben’s Tube

Earlier this year we showed you how to make a full-size Ruben’s Tube; now make a tiny single-column fire speaker with the Pyro Jam Can.

Instructables’ user Patrick needed a simple device to enter into an Instuctables contest centered on fire-themed projects. His contribution, seen in the video above, is a single-column Ruben’s Tube (for the unfamiliar, a Ruben’s Tube is a device through which sound and flammable gas are passed; the resulting flame is modulated by the frequency of the sound).

If your next party wouldn’t be the same without a sound system that pumps bass beats and fire, you know where to get started.

The Pyro Jam Can [via Hack A Day]

Jason Fitzpatrick is warranty-voiding DIYer and all around geek. When he's not documenting mods and hacks he's doing his best to make sure a generation of college students graduate knowing they should put their pants on one leg at a time and go on to greatness, just like Bruce Dickinson. You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 11/11/11

Comments (3)

  1. Odin

    I like dem wobbles in my experimants :3

  2. Carroll Hanks

    Children should not play wioth fire.

  3. Gumby

    children should not play “wioth” the english language

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