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Free VPN Service Hotspot Shield Now Available for iOS Devices

Popular free VPN service Hotspot Shield now has a free mobile companion client; browse securely where ever you are.

If you’re not sure why you’d want to use a VPN service while away from your home network, check out the “What Is and Why Set Up a Secure Tunnel?” section of our Setup SSH On Your Router for Secure Web Access Anywhere guide. If you’re ready to set up a simple and secure VPN service on your laptop or mobile device, hit up the link below to sign up for Hotspot Shield’s free service.

Hotspot Shield [via GigaOM]

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  • Published 11/10/11

Comments (4)

  1. Saman

    I’m waiting for the android Client :-(!

  2. Dave C.

    Free… for a week, from what I can tell.

    That Ferrari that I test drove in Santa Barbara was also free for the 30 minute test drive.

    Sorry, it’s not like $1/month or $10/yr is gonna kill anyone, it’s just not “free”. Like on the deals sites when someone posts about a $9 Logitech cordless mouse, and it’s for a refurbished, dented-box version from 2004. Kinda misleading. But in this case, not intentionally so I believe.

  3. Kevin

    Just downloaded Hotspot Shield yesterday for the iPhone and have been testing it out. Seems to work like they have said but does slow down your download speed a bit, some sites worse than others. Have to be cautious though, when you check your ip like they suggest ( it shows an ip that is not my own. Great you say, except when I checked my ip using Opera Mini it showed my real ip and not my virtual ip. Have contacted Hotspot Shield and am still waiting for a replay. Proceed with CAUTION.

  4. Jesus

    @kevin opera mini uses its own VPN or proxy no matter what you use you will always have theirs. It’s a good browser to unblock sites, not a problem with the VPN, I do however have a problem installing the profile I keep getting a message saying “safari cannot install the profile because of an unknow error”. Don’t get to try it and I think my 7 days r going to go without me trying it. =S

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