How-To Geek Offers 50GB Free for iPhone and iPad Users

iOS: If you’re looking for some free cloud storage (and who wouldn’t like a little extra space to sync and backup their files?) is running a promotion wherein iOS users can download and install their mobile app for a 50GB bonus.

It’s that simple. Download the current version of the iOS app, login with your new or existing account, and score a 50GB bonus. The promotion runs until 12/01/2011. For more information hit up the link below. 50GB iOS Promotion [via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

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  • Published 10/17/11

Comments (6)

  1. xythian

    FYI, imposes a per file size limit of 100MB. But, free is free.

  2. Michael Sammels

    Wow. OK, so a file limit is imposed, but this is epic! Thanks for the tip! :)

  3. Milo

    What is everybody using this for? Given the file limit.. I already have 4.5gb in Dropbox so most of my file-syncing needs are taken care of there. Either way, lets hear it!

  4. Michael

    Having 50 GB of space from is nice. I didn’t even have to own an ipad or ipone to sign up. I used one of the office ipads, installed the app, signed up, and now can access the files on my account on my android phone. I also use dropbox and wuala. They are all awesome, but I would like a bigger file upload allotment.

  5. Ben

    The file size limit and lack of a free sync tool is a real downside, but hey — 50GB of file space to chuck things online when you need to. Dropbox will be host to the files I use/need the most, but this can be a handy extra space.

  6. Wayne

    The free package doesn’t sync with your other machines either. In order to get syncing to your desktop or laptop, you need to pay a monthly fee. I’d rather pay the same fee to Dropbox.

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