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Amazon Unveils $199 Android Tablet; Updated Kindle Lineup

Today Amazon revealed their in-house Android-based tablet, the Kindle Fire, as well as a host of changes to the Kindle lineup.

The new Kindle Fire runs Android, sports a 7-inch screen, and will retail for $199. It comes with a 30-day subscription to Amazon Prime (and the accompanying media streaming) and is tightly integrated with Amazon’s media sharing capabilities.

Amazon also announced updates to the Kindle lineup including a price reduction on the traditional Kindle down to $79 and a Kindle Touch with infrared-based touchscreen (similar to the touch-based Barnes and Noble Nook) for $99. Amazon be updating their price lists and offering pre-orders sometime today.

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  • Published 09/28/11

Comments (7)

  1. dima

    crap, I just bought a traditional Kindle for $140. This new Kindle Fire looks promising (screw paying $600 for an iPad, plus I like Android better than iOS anyway)

  2. Sandeep

    “Amazon be updating their price lists and offering pre-orders sometime today.”
    I am just correcting a grammer mistake, because errors like that bother me and I like to try and get them fixed.

  3. Robert

    Then you should write “try TO” rather than “try and.” My guess is that as long as this site continues its superb work, most will overlook occasional clerical slips…

  4. Funkus

    “This is the kind of academic pedantry the up with which I shall not put”. Winston Churchill.

  5. ed phillips

    How many new jobs will this create? In China? 1000000000, in the US 0.
    FUuu Amazon pay your sales taxes.

  6. rg

    And grammar , not grammer!

  7. Dave

    And the iPad is created where???

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