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Google Goggles Updates; Now Includes Real-time Searching

Android: The already impressive Google Goggles application has a new trick up its sleeve, real-time image searching. You can now set your phone camera to always search for matches in the Google database.

Prior to this update you had to open Google Goggles, use the camera function within the app itself, and photograph the object you were looking for. With the new update you can tell Google Goggles to sit in the background and actively scan the photos you take with the default camera application–if there is a match of any sort you’ll get a status bar notification you can click on to investigate further.

To turn on the feature open the options menu within Google Goggles and check “Search from Camera”.

If you already have Goggles installed, simply update it to access the new features. Otherwise, visit the Android Market to grab a copy. Google Goggles is a free app, requires Android 2.1+.

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  • Published 09/19/11

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