How-To Geek Catalogs Network Status Pages shares a massive list of status pages for ISPs, mobile providers, individual web services, and more. Find the network status page you’re looking for.

It’s frustrating to attempt a visit to a favorite service and find yourself unable to connect. This is where service status pages come in handy. Most major ISPs, mobile providers, web hosts, and other digital service providers have them.

Visit the page and see what the status of the service and/or network is. has an entire page of their wiki devoted to cataloging the status pages for services large and small. Hit up the link below to bookmark the services you use. We’d recommend bookmarking the status pages on both your desktop and your smartphone, if possible, so you can easily diagnose problems on either connection. Status Dashboard [via O’Reilly Radar]

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  • Published 09/9/11

Comments (4)

  1. Shawn

    Isn’t this a geek site? Determining if a site is down or if there is a problem somewhere is a lot easier to do by hand (for me, at least), than using some intermediary service. Useful as it may be for newbs, a true geek would realize that introducing this intermediary adds another variable to the equation. Shouldn’t we be trying to eliminate variables in determining problems, rather than add them?

  2. VideoSavant

    You’ve got a major spelling error there — outage has just one t.

    You especially need to fix the link.

  3. 99er

    @Shawn, how do you do it then. Since it’s easier you shouldn’t have a problem explaining it.

  4. mikmik

    This looks like

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