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Evernote for Android Updates; Now Integrates with Skitch, Offline Search, and More

Last month, Evernote-acquired, Skitch released an Android version. Now Evernote has updated their Android app to integrate with Skitch. It’s a note-taking and annotating double whammy.

The new version of Evernote for Android includes Skitch Integration. When you create or edit notes you’ll see a little Skitch icon on the toolbar now, click that icon and you’ll be taken to Skitch where you can annotate your image. The reverse also works, if you’re in Skitch you can send things to Evernote by clicking the Evernote icon on the Skitch toolbar.

In addition to Skitch integration the new update also includes offline search (Premium users can search all their notebooks, free users can search within the notes they’ve created on that specific device). They’ve also included a new slideshow feature, updated the shared notebook process, and improved the notes moving and tagging interface.

Hit up the link to read the official announcement or head right to the Android Market to grab a copy.

Evernote for Android Now with Skitch Integration, Offline Search, Slideshow View, and More! [Evernote]

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  • Published 09/7/11

Comments (1)

  1. SuAlfons

    That’s great news.

    Unfortunately, my phone does not support pinch-zoom. Like that, Skitch for Android is of limited functionality. Does anybody know a non-obvious trick to zoom in skitch (Android) other than pinching?


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