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Remote Controlled Fiber Optic Ceiling Brings the Outdoors In

This DIY build is so ambitious it wasn’t enough just to create a fiber optic starscape, it includes a remote control that cycles through distinct color schemes.

Mauro Alfieri, over at, shares a guide to creating your own customizable starscape. The build is essentially a sheet of wood, drilled to accept the fiber optic strands, which are in turn hooked up to two LED illuminators controlled by an Arduino chip with a radio module attached. The entire thing is controlled by a remote which allows Mauro to cycle through a rainbow of colors and sequences or simply go with traditional white stars.

Hit up the link below for schematics and the Arduino source code.

Remote-Controlled Fiber-Optic Ceiling Light with Arduino [Open Electronics via Hack A Day]

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  • Published 08/26/11

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