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Backlight a Flat Screen TV with Cannibalized USB Power

It’s tricky to backlight a wall-mounted television; this clever design uses the USB port on the HDTV to provide power to a ring of LED lights.

In order to cut down on extra cables, keep the build flush to the HDTV and wall, and minimize the number of parts needed, Instructables user Selig Tobiason simply stripped a USB cable and connected LEDs to it. The end product provides a cool blue backlight for his HDTV with minimal cost, no extra power cables, and a clean look.

Hit up the link below for his detailed tutorial.

TV Backlight [Instructables]

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  • Published 08/3/11

Comments (3)

  1. Lady Fitzgerald


  2. snert

    That would be cool if you’re not watching the TV and could be a neat nightlight.

  3. Adam

    Now that, is epic. I will probably do this myself when I can afford my own flat screen.

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