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Drop Zone Is a Drag and Drop File Mover

Drop Zone is a handy Windows application that creates file transfer hot spots on your desktop. Drag the files onto the hot spot and select from your list of predetermined destinations.

Sure, if you only have one or two folders you regularly copy files to you could just create a simple folder shortcut. For larger lists (where you wouldn’t want to clutter up your desktop with a dozen folder shortcuts) or complex operations (such as distinguishing between copying and moving), Drop Zone offers unique features. Creating a Drop Zone is as simple as extracting the portable application and editing the .INI file to include the folders you wish to shuttle files to. You can make as many Drop Zones as you wish (one for copying and one for moving files, for example) by simply copying your original Drop Zone and renaming the executable.

Hit up the link below to grab a free, portable, and Windows only copy.

Drop Zone [via Addictive Tips]

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  • Published 08/3/11

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  1. Dan

    How about, just go to My Documents go to pull-down-File in make a New Folder.Than Drop-in-Drag on to the Desktop.You can rename this Folder you created, also you can put icon’s inside this folder as many as you want. Samething as Drop Zone NO. Please tell me the advantage, or disadvantage of creating a Folder, or using Drop Zone. Thank You Very Much.

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