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The History of Ethernet: 3Mbps to 100Gbps [Geek History]

It’s in the walls of your office, laid by the miles in data centers, and an integral part of any data network. Read up on the history of the humble Ethernet cable.

Ars Technica shares a detailed history of the ubiquitous cable. Their history starts with the massive and expensive hulking LANs of the 1970s and moves us to the present where cheap gigabit Ethernet networks blast HD content and massive files around homes. Hit up the link below for the full article and more Ethernet trivia than you can shake a hub at.

Speed Matters: How Ethernet went from 3Mpbs to 100Gbps… and Beyond [Ars Technica]

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  • Published 07/25/11

Comments (2)

  1. andy

    The link takes you to page 3 of 3 FYI. I wish ARS would not put the darn restrictions on getting a single page, makes my instapaper more cluttered.

  2. Loren Johnson

    I was the Asst System Administrator at Xerox Medical Division in the mid 80’s when we set up the network at that facility. There was 20 workstations and the coax cabling took forever (it seemed). The splits off the main trunk to each station and not forgetting the terminating resistor. But we finally got it. That was nothing compared to training all the users.

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