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Star Trek T.O.S. – Encounter at Nyan-Point [Video Mashup]

Nyan Cat is popping up everywhere you look on the internet these days, but what happens when he visits the Star Trek universe? Can Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise defeat Nyan or will he prove to be too powerful for them? Watch to find out!

Captain Kirk Encounters… NYAN CAT [via Dorkly Bits]

Akemi Iwaya (Asian Angel) is our very own Firefox Fangirl who enjoys working with multiple browsers and loves 'old school' role-playing games. Visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 07/15/11

Comments (3)

  1. Josh

    …the bastard!

  2. Dvd


  3. Dean

    WAY too funny! Now on Facebook with 697 of my closest friends (we all went to kindergarten together)

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