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Paintball Shotgun Shoots Paintball Slugs and Nerf Mortars

If your regular paintball gun lacks the shock and awe you crave, this DIY paintball shotgun fires paintball slugs and Nerf ball mortars for all the Mad Max paintball field action you can handle.

Over at PukinDogPaintball Neild Bingham shares an impressive build. Dubbed the BECC (for Breach-Loaded Electro-Pneumatic Constant-Air Cannon), the modified potato cannon fires slugs of paint balls made from paper towel tubes and paper cups. The cardboard assembly flies open in transit and paint balls spread out before blasting the target. For paintball fields that forbid such projectiles but allow for Nerf “missiles” to be fired at bases and tanks, the design perfectly accommodates small Nerf footballs as missiles.

Hit up the link for more pictures, a video, and the mini version of the design. For more ideas on dangerously-fun projects to fill your holiday weekend check out our Top 10 Geeky Projects to Earn Yourself a Memorial Day ER Visit.

Breach-Loaded Electro-Pneumatic Constant-Air Cannon [via Hack A Day]

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  • Published 07/1/11

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