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How Circuit Boards Are Manufactured and Tested [Video]

Circuit boards are in nearly everything: computers, cars, toys, phones, even greeting cards. Check out this tour of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) factory to see how they’re made.

In the above video the owners of Base2 Electronics are watching a PCB testing machine at the factory where they purchase their boards for resale. The machine is first scanning the board to identify it in the board database and then the arms start flying as it tests individual circuits on the board. If you’re interested seeing all the steps of the manufacturing process, hit up the link below for a photo and video tour of the facility.

Base2 Electronics Tour of Advanced Circuits [via Hack A Day]

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  • Published 06/29/11

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  1. burned

    That video was short and boring. Missed the whole lithography stage

  2. xana452

    *Made in China

  3. herval

    that’s cool…..

  4. anonymouseeee

    You all accidently DoS attacked the site!

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