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Tiny DSLR Intervalometer Snaps Pics On User-Defined Schedule

If you’re interested in time-lapse photography but underwhelmed by the in-camera options (or lack there of) or don’t want to shell out money for an expensive commercial intervalometer, this DIY option is pretty slick solution.

Achim Sack, a fan of hardware hacking and time lapse photography, created a super tiny interval timer that works with Nikon, Canon, and Pentax DSLRs. Plug it in, snap a shot between 0.4 seconds and 18 minutes to set the interval and then leave it be. As long as you have space on the memory card and power left in the battery the camera will keep snapping pictures.

Hit up the link below to see his schematics, parts list, and more photos of the build.

Interval Timer v2 [via Hack A Day]

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  • Published 06/28/11

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