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First Look at an Awesome Hoverbike Prototype (with Video)

Does the idea of a hoverbike sound exciting? Then you will definitely want to have a look at this. Australian Chris Malloy is currently testing out a prototype he constructed using motorbike and other types of parts.

The hoverbike is mostly comprised of a pair of massive propellers powered by an 1,170-cc engine good for a total of 107 horsepower. Estimated specs for the hoverbike at the moment are:

  • It can fly at 173 mph at an altitude of 10,000 feet
  • Can carry enough fuel to give it a range of 92 miles at a cruising speed of 92 mph

Note: These specs are based on the 231-pound device’s thrust-to-weight ratio.

Photos courtesy of Malloy Hoverbike Website.

Here is a video demonstrating the airflow of the front rotor using smoke. What do you think? Is this something that you would like to give a try?

Die Smiling on This Hoverbike [via BoingBoing]

The Malloy Hoverbike Homepage

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  • Published 06/15/11

Comments (15)

  1. GuiltySpark

    So when does he start hovering???

    Bit of a let down that one.

  2. Yoshiyah

    This appears to be a good prototype. With work, this could become a very good product.

  3. solardog
  4. AsianAngel

    @solardog – Actually there is a good bit of difference between the two in design…

  5. ADWheeler Photography

    Looks like the rider might found out the hard way that extra gridding was needed over the rotors…

  6. ADWheeler Photography

    BTW, this “hoverbike” is complete hokum..

  7. solardog

    @AsianAngel ~ I was just kidding around. 8?P

  8. gmilby

    At least if he crashes on a farm it will make enough salad for 1200 people

  9. AsianAngel

    @solardog – That is ok. ^_^

  10. Marty

    I say, no way. Top heavy like that, no recovery after a bad yaw. Blades need to be higher.

  11. John Ervin

    I don’t see any lateral thrusters or way to steer. It looks like it would be fine for going straight up and then back down again. I guess there might be vanes to steer the air. I’m not sure it would be powerful enough to lift a rider.

  12. Stephen Mann

    I don’t see any roll control. Would be more stable with the fans above the C/G instead of below.

  13. Ross Anderson

    One thing is certain, if it does go up, it will certainly come down!

  14. hkb

    the best feature about this would be that when you turn it off, it would still be in the air, hovering.

  15. tommy2rs

    I’ll try it out. Here, hold my beer and watch this!

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