How-To Geek Generates Easy to Share Lists of Your iOS Applications

You have a bunch of sweet apps on your iPhone or iPad and you want to share a list with your friend. Rather than manually generate the list, let do the heavy lifting for you. is a simple application. Download it for Windows or Mac, point it at the folder where your mobile apps are stored (typically /My Music/Mobile Applications/ for a Windows user), and it scans your applications. After compiling a list you can opt to not include certain apps (perhaps you don’t want your friends to know you’ve got Hello Kitty Adventure Island HD). Once your list is finalized it is uploaded, anonymously, to the servers and you are given a shortned URL to share with your friends. When they visit the link they’ll see a nicely organized list of all your apps with easy links to the Appstore. is a free service, requires no registration, and runs on both Windows and Mac computers. [via OneThingWell]

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  • Published 06/14/11

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