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Hack an IKEA DVD Rack into a Sleek Wall-Mounted Work Station

If you’re looking for a compact and wall mounted work station this IKEA DVD rack turned hide-away-desk is a clever solution.

Shawn Bowman, an IKEAHacker reader, shares his setup. He took the sturdy Besta Burs DVD Wall Unit from IKEA and mounted it as a small desk, instead of a DVD holder. He notes that, like most IKEA products, it’s significantly over engineered and more than sturdy enough to function as a desk. All of his electronics and peripherals tuck right away inside of it when not in use (you’ll need to be using a Mac Mini like he does, or another nettop-sized computer if you want to hide everything out of sight too). Although he set his lower so that he could sit at the desk (and view the monitors comfortably from his couch to watch movies) the setup practically begs to be mounted as a walk-up standing desk.

Hit up the link below for a more detailed walk through of his setup including installation tips.

Workstation Wallmount: IKEA + Mac = Win [IKEAHacker]

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  • Published 06/13/11

Comments (2)

  1. Vinylmeister

    Haha it’s already difficult enough to mount Ikea furniture the correct way

  2. Bobro

    i wouldnt trust ikea furniture to hold 2 monitors!! he is brave

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