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Mega Button Adds One-Click Access to Frequently Used Chrome Menus

If you frequently find yourself accessing the same sub-menus in Chrome–like History, Extensions, Plugins, Downloads, etc.–Mega Button adds a simple toolbar interface for nearly instant access.

Some of the sub-menus you’re interested in might be accessible from the wrench icon but others are likely buried more deeply. Mega Button puts your Bookmarks, History, Plugins, Extensions, Downloads, DNS, Memory, and Cache access directly on the toolbar. Watch the video above to see it in action or hit up the link below to grab a copy.

Mega button is free, Chrome only.

Mega Button [Chrome Web Store via Addictive Tips]

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  • Published 06/8/11

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  1. Bren
  2. Michael R. Marano

    ChromeAccess does the same, only with access to more about: options. Looks better, too.


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