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Convert a Shipping Box to a Cheap but Effective Light Box

Photography doesn’t have to be expensive–although a trip through your average photography catalog would argue otherwise!–check out this simple way to create a huge and cheap soft box.

Soft boxes are designed to diffuse light over a large area so you don’t have harsh highlights or shadow on the subject you’re photographing. In the above video Don Barnard, from Light Expressions, shows us how to put together a huge soft box on the cheap.

DIY Softbox Project [via Make]

Jason Fitzpatrick is warranty-voiding DIYer and all around geek. When he's not documenting mods and hacks he's doing his best to make sure a generation of college students graduate knowing they should put their pants on one leg at a time and go on to greatness, just like Bruce Dickinson. You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 06/7/11

Comments (1)

  1. Scott

    This project could also be done with a cheap Styrofoam ice chest. Call me picky but the parts list is shaky. The first item he calls an electrical socket is a J-box or junction box, the things he calls electrical covers are wire nuts. I would recommend mounting the j box prior to putting your wire in it. Overall I give this project two big thumbs up, I am going to build one.

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