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DIY Remote Trigger Enables DSLR Video Recording at a Distance

Wireless remote triggers, both commercial and DIY, abound for still photos but the same can’t be said for video triggers. This DIY guide hack together a remote video trigger for DSLR cameras.

Instructables user Herx was frustrated by the ready availability of remote photo triggers for his Canon DSLR but the non-existence of either a commercial or DIY remote trigger for starting video recording.

In response to the problem he built his own trigger that combines an RF module for a traditional long range remote hacked with an additional microchip which controls an IR LED. Essentially he’s taken the IR remote which can trigger video recording and extended its range via radio frequency. If you’re a Nikon owner, it shouldn’t be hard to modify the design for a Nikon camera (here is an example of someone using an Arduino board to with an IR module to trigger a Nikon camera).

Hit up the link below for additional photos and details.

Remote Canon DSLR Video Trigger [Instructables via Hack A Day]

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  • Published 05/26/11

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