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How To Customize Your Android Boot Screen

If you’re bent on customizing every aspect of your Android phone, this helpful guide will show you how to swap out the stock boot animation for a new custom one.

Addictive Tips shares a detailed guide to swapping out your boot animation by either downloading an existing alternate boot animation or creating your own. One of the nice things about the technique is you can do it on both rooted and unrooted phones–the difference is users with rooted phones can save the boot animation in a system directory where it will persist after a hard reset.

Hit up the link below for additional details as well as some sources to find boot animations.

How To Change, Customize & Create Android Boot Animation [AddictiveTips]

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  • Published 05/19/11

Comments (3)

  1. quenolodoy

    I can’t copy anything to my unrooted Galaxy S /data/local/ folder…. no permission, it seems. So It apparently won’t work unless I root my phone, which I’m not doing (yet).

  2. frysee

    Copying the desired to /system/media should work, too – the file at /data/local is more of a “fallback” bootanimation :)

  3. frysee

    The comment section definitely needs a ‘edit’ button :)

    Forget what I said earlier, the only way to get a bootanimation to /data/local without rooting is pushing it via adb.


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