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DIY GorillaPod Is an Inexpensive and Flexible Mini Tripod

GorillaPods are handy little flexible hand-like tripods that can attach a camera just about anywhere. If you like the idea but not the price, this DIY version offers the flexibility without the sticker shock.

Instructables user Matth3w shares a simple tutorial for turning some scrap wood, a handful of bolts, and some segments of Loc-Line modular hosing into a bendable tripod mount you can wrap around things and otherwise mold for stability on uneven or small surfaces.

Hit up the link below for detailed instructions including a parts list and a step-by-step build guide.

DIY GorillaPod [Instructables via Upluggd]

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  • Published 05/18/11

Comments (2)

  1. Cactus

    This could more uses then stated here. And im not just talking about the crazy boning type :O

  2. Bri

    Just about to check out the link now, thanks for this :) Just hope there is instructions to make a cradle to connect to my iPhone…

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