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This Day in Geek History: Researchers Fire Up First Laser

On this day in Geek History the first laser was fired in a move that would lead to the development of new tools and the desire of evil villains everywhere to attach lasers to the ocean’s alpha-predators.

On May 16, 1960 Theodore Maiman created the first laser by using a synthetic ruby. The idea of lasers had been floating around for some years prior but no one had successfully built one. Shortly after Maiman’s demonstration a laser arms race of sorts unfolded with scientists around the globe refining and demonstrating design after design. Fast forward to the present and lasers are found in everything from cat toys to electronic levels to deep space surveying tools.

Hit up the link below to read more at Wired magazine.

May 16, 1960: Researcher Shines a Laser Light [Wired]

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  • Published 05/16/11

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