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Conceal Bookshelf Speakers in Hardcover Books

If you’re looking for a stealthy way to bring tunes to a room without plunking down speakers everywhere, this stealthy electronics project hides your speakers inside old books.

Steve Hoefer, over at Grathio Labs, shares a DIY guide to hollowing out old books and turning them into speaker cabinets. The crux of his design is the ability to turn the books spine out to hide the speakers and make them appear like natural books; when you need to use them you rotate the book assembly and the speakers face out. Check out the full post at the link below for additional steps and some work-in-progress photos.

Book Camouflage: The Speakerbook [Grathio Labs via Hack-A-Day]

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  • Published 05/12/11

Comments (2)

  1. Bill Bird

    This is a horrible hack!

  2. Zach

    inb4 complaints of lower sound quality

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